With Pride: 40 years of LGBTQ+ liberation

In 2018 the IHLIA LGBT Heritage celebrates its’ 40 year anniversary. The exposition With Pride tells the story of LGBTQI+ liberation in the past 40 years. You can see the journey from discrimination of LGBTQI+ through activism to equal rights.

With Pride – looking back and looking forward

Flyer With Pride exhibitionIn several sections of the exhibition the exposition tries to bring you into the world of 40 years of LGBTQI+ history. The exhibition draws you into the history of LBTQI+ liberation with the most prized pieces from the IHLIA collection and personal stories of people who were part of the fight. That way you get a broad and personal perspective on what 40 years of struggle for LGBTQI+ liberation meant and still means.

The Netherlands, and Amsterdam in particular, did play a leading role in the international movement for equal rights and social acceptance of LGBTQI+ people. Despite that, there is still violence and discrimination against people from our community. The exhibition also makes you think about the things we still have to fight for.

You can visit the exhibition for free at the main building of the Public Library of Amsterdam. During the week the library is open between 8AM and 10PM. In the weekend from 10AM till 10PM. The library is closed on public holidays, such as Christmas and New Year’s Day.

Weekly guided tour

Every Sunday between 2PM and 3PM, volunteers give guided tours for groups of 10 to 15 people. The tour will be standard in Dutch, but many of the guides will be able to speak English. It is free of charge and you don’t have to register, so be there in time.

Mini review – update 26th november

This weekend we had the time to visit the exhibition. We had to search the library to find the exhibition. It is in fact on a mezzanine floor, which you can enter via a staircase next to the reception area near the main entrance. Only a small sign gave a hint of the exhibition, so we went first to the IHLIA area on the 3rd floor.

The exhibition itself re-creates an atmosphere of the late 70’s and the 80’s by using industrial fences as support for the banners, posters and information boards. It gives the space a rebellious, punk like feel. In several themed corners of the room themes of the LGBTQI+ history are higlighted. All the descriptions are in Dutch. Thanks to the many posters, pictures and other visual objects it can also be entertaining for non Dutch people.

We especially liked the section which highlighted the roots of the Dutch LGBTQI+ liberation movement in the radical feminist lesbian scene of the late 70’s. The dykes on bikes and other strong women kick started the years where LGBTQI+ went out on the streets to claim their rights and freedom in The Netherlands.

Other area’s highlight the (early) heroes of the transgender community, the ups and downs of gay nightlife in Amsterdam, the history of drag and of course the Aids crisis. Overall a small exhibition well worth the visit.

IHLIA (Homodok)

kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

IHLIA (Homodok) 52.376012, 4.908249 IHLIA / HomodokThe Netherlands\' main gay/lesbian archive (6th floor of Public Libary)Address: Oosterdokskade 143Open: 7 days a week, 10am-10pmWebsite: http://ihlia.nl


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