What a Genderful World!

Inspiring Expo at Tropenmuseum

Sexuality and Gender

In most (all) countries and cultures it is (still) assumed that people are straight until proven otherwise. Which implies that as a lesbian woman or gay man you have to come ‘out of the closet‘. Around 1950 Kinsey introduced the Heterosexual–Homosexual Rating Scale. It goes from 0 (exclusively heterosexual) to 6 (exclusively homosexual). The scale also includes an X for those without sexual contacts. So far so good, until we started to think about gender, about masculinity, femininity, gender identity, behaviour, gender queer, transexuality and fluidity. And so we ended up with the LGBTQI+ movement. Nothing wrong with the label, but does it help us understand sexuality, gender and culture? Not really.

What a Genderful World

The Amsterdam Tropen Museum accepted the challenge and developed an exhibition about sexuality, gender and culture: What a Genderful World. A great expo with surprising elements such as policemen wearing skirts (see picture below), the story behind Pink, the gender order of toys, the Mexican Muxe, an inspiring view on ‘who has the power’ (the shoes designed by Pixy Liao are a great example) and ‘how to behave’. A super expo that makes you think about (role) patterns, that makes you laugh, makes you share stories and finally helps you understand gender, sexuality and the role of culture. A truly inspired exhibition. Dive into the Genderful World and forget about closets and labels!

When and Where?

Tropen Museum, Linnaeusstraat 2, 1092 CK, Amsterdam. What a Genderful World, until August 23rd 2020, open from 10am to 5pm from Tuesday to Sunday.
Pictures provided by the Tropenmuseum.

Photocredits: Mike Robinson (Alamy Stock Photo)
DJKTC4 Fiji Police Changing the Guard of Honour at Government House, Suva. Fiji Photocredits: Mike Robinson (Alamy Stock Photo)

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