The Warehouse to close down

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Final party dates The Warehouse

The Warehouse is to close down on the 1st of March this year. The Warehouse is a club in area which used to be the centre of the leather and fetish scene in Amsterdam.  Rapid Events party organizers managed this club it the centre of the old city. It is known for it’s sexy and sometimes raunchy parties.

Too noisy for the neighbors

The owner of the club says that the reason why he closes down the club is a long running conflict with the neighbors. They have complained regularly about the noise of the club. The Warehouse has improved noise isolation over time, but that didn’t help enough.

The owner looked with experts into a large scale renovation of the building, but that would take so much investments that his business wouldn’t be viable any more. The Warhouse is located in a densely built area of old houses, so a renovation to comply with all rules and regulations for clubs and pubs are a costly business.

Popular enough?

The Warehouse opening flyer 2013
The Warehouse opening flyer 2013

This is another loss of a gay venue in this stretch of the Warmoes straat. But are the issues with the neighbors the only reason for closing down? A quick research among friends who regularly visited The Warehouse, learned that it wasn’t as vibrant a club as one of it’s predecessors at this location, the Cockring, once was.

Party till the last day

It might just be that the margins for running this place were just too thin, to invest properly in the building. That’s unfortunate but part of business. Hopefully the owners will find a new venue to set up a new gay business. In the meantime they promise to party hard till the last day of The Warehouse, with among others a reunion of the old Cockring dj’s.

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