Shakespeare Club revival during EuroPride

Shakespeare Club

70 years ago the Dutch gay lesbian movement, now known as COC, started under the pen-name ‘Shakespeare Club’.  During EuroPride that pen-name is used for a daily program in the Amsterdam Museum, Kalverstraat 92.

From July 23 through August 7 there is a daily program from 11-21.00 h and on Fridays and Saturdays till 23.00 h. Daily events are the Pride Talk (speakers corner), a movie, an exhibition. And if you want to let the world know what you found/find/will find special for the GLBT movement you can share that through a special arts project. Read more at Shakespeare Club (only in Dutch).

Some special events are:

  • 23 July, 20.00 h: Club Church Take-over
  • 27 July, 19.00 h: Caribbean Night
  • 30 July, 15.00 h: Dancing for the 55 +
  • 31 July, 13.00 h: Pokemon GO: catch Pikachu at the Shakespeare Club
  • 31 July 15.30 : Opera (Dutch Travel Opera)
  • 3 August, 18.00 h: Shared Dining
  • 6 August, 17.00 h EuroPride Diner

Most events are free (apart from food & drink): just buy a ticket to enter the museum.

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