Pride 2020 participants Canal Parade selected

The Canal Parade of Pride 2020 on August 1st seems far away. But yesterday Amsterdam Pride announced the participants for this years parade of LGBTQI+ themed boats trough the canals of Amsterdam. This year will see some notable entries from the LGBTQI+ community from the Netherlands and around the world.

International participants

The Canal Parade at the Amsterdam Pride is an event with international appeal. This shows every year in a number of participants from around the world. One of this years’ boats is the boat of the UNHCR. According to the selecting committee this boat was chosen to highlight that in over 70 countries LGBTQI+ people are prossecuted and feel forced to flee.

That is why the UNHCR boat is a collaboration with LGBT Asylum Support. This organization supports LGBT people in Dutch refugee centers. These people are often very isolated in these centers. With the help of LGBT Asylum Support they get into contact with LGBT friendly people and organizations and build up a new life.

Other notable international boats are an African boat, chosen because of the precarious position of LGBTQI+ in many African communities. And a Romanian boat was chosen, because recently politicians in that country tried to outlaw equal marriage via an amendment to the constitution.

Notable local boats

Some notable local boats also participate this year. The local Motorclub MSA celebrate their 50 year anniversary with a boat at the Canal Parade. MSA is a club of gay motor enthousiast, who organize regular motor trips for an with gay men since 1970.

Another boat is from Pink Nieuw-West. This is a local LGBTQI+ club in the Amsterdam area of Nieuw West. Since 10 years they organize local activities to strengthen the social fabric within the LGBTQI+ community in their own neighborhood.

Not without critics

In recent years there was a growing criticism of the Amsterdam Pride for becoming to commercial and shunning local LGBTQI+ groups and communities at the Canal Parade. And if you read the list of participants, you wonder if this criticism will stop this year. Then number of big companies is still quiet large. On the other hand: these companies have to pay a hefty fee to participate during the parade and this helps to finance the event.

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