POZ PARADISE: crowdfunding a new play

This year the World Aids Conference takes place in Amsterdam. A group of artists wants to put on a new play called POZ PARADISE. It is written and directed by Daniel Cohen. With this play he wants to show how we came through the Aids crises and how different generations deal with it. But to put this play on the stage the makers need your support. That’s why they started a crowdfunding campaign.

Poz Paradise, the play

It will be a bittersweet comedy about 3 men in their fifties who survived the ravages of the Aids epidemic when they were young. But now as older HIV positive men they have to deal with having a future. While they deal with this, they are confronted with the new generation of younger men and their different way of life. Will they embrace this new life or hold on to what they know?

The play wants to be a present day answer to well known older players like Angels in America and The Normal Heart. In it, the makers want to mix the subtle humor like in the tv-series Looking with the melancholy from Tsjechov.

The play will be staged for the first time on July the 23rd in the Amsterdam City Theatre, the Stadsschouwburg. Because of the large number of visitors for the World Aids Conference, the play will have the text in English displayed on screens above the stage.

Why do they need help?

To make the production just more than a good text with great actors, they makers want your support to make it a more beautiful production. With the crowdfunding they want to get the staging and costumes they dream off for this play. After this first run of the play, it will go on tour.

How can you help?

The producers got well-known set and costume designers involved, who have proven themselves in productions or Rent, Sweeney Todd, Bridges of Madison County, The Process and Romeo & Julia. The producers also hired a motion graphics designer. He will make abstract animations to bring out the emotions of the play and give it a surreal atmosphere.

An ambitious project, which is asking for your support. On the Dutch crowdfunding platform Voor De Kunst they started a campaign to raise €10.000,-. Although the site is in Dutch, you will probably understand the system which is comparable to international platforms like Kickstarter.

If you make donations from €25,- upwards you can get all kind of treats from regular e-mail updates (€25,-), to a mention on the website and the program booklet (€50,-). Larger donations bring bigger rewards: two free tickets at regular performances (€150,-) or two free tickets at the premiere (€500,-). More options are available.

They are a good way towards their target, but you can help them with their last push to reach the €10.000,-!

[Update 3-3-2018] The target of €10.000,- has been reached. Donations are still accepted, so they have a little buffer or can do some extra things.

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