Our selection of the 2019 Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival

The Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival is the major film festival for LGBTQ films. From March 14th till March 24th you can watch 138 films and talk to movie makers and film buffs. Tickets are flying of the shelves and the first couple of viewings are already sold out. To help you in your choice what to watch, we made a selection of the films we find interesting. For a full view of the program, to make you own choice go to the bilingual printed program or the website.

Selected feature films

The choice over feature films is almost overwhelming. Many of the films are luckily shown multiple times, so you have a greater chance to watch the movies you find interesting. We have made a small selection of feature films which attract our attention. Some are modern LGBTQI film classics in the making, others promise to be quirky and surprising.

  • A Kid Like Jake (US 2018) – what do parents do when they discover that their four year old boy displays gender-nonconforming behavior that is more than a phase? The film follows the couples journey in rethinking and reshaping their roles as parents and spouses. March 15th and March 24th
  • Eva + Candela (Colombia 2018) – this film follows the evolution of the relationship of two strong, independent women: one is a film director and the other is an actress. March 16th and March 24th.
  • Consequences (Slovenia/Austria 2018) – a film set in a all-boys correctional facility. It tells the story of Andrej and the leader of the gang Zeljko and how they use homo-eroticisme as just one of the tools in their power struggle. March 18th and March 24th
  • Knife + Heart (France, Mexico, Switzerland 2018) – this is one of the most outrageous films this festival. Vanessa Paradis plays an heart-broken, alcoholic, lesbian, gay-porn director. While she is fighting for love, to keep her business and against the bottle, she has to confront a wigged, masked murderer. This is all told in a camp way with echos of Italian “gialli” movies, 1970’s queer trash movies and even a strong hint of Brian de Palma. Not for the faint hearted. March 15th and March 23rd.

Documenataries ‘Galore’

The Amsterdam LGBTQ festival also has programmed a wide range of documentaries.

  • Dykes, Camera, Action! (USA 2018)This feature documentary explores the history of lesbian characters in the movies and the rise of queer female filmmakers. It tells a story that has never been explored like this before. Expect terrific clips from the films and interviews with filmmakers, journalists and historians. March 19th and March 22nd
  • Galore! (NL 2019) – Drag sensation Lady Galore is about to undergo her biggest transformation yet. Fighting for visibility and solidarity, she has become vital to the European drag community. For Sander den Baas, the man behind Lady Galore, this devotion is starting to take its toll. Although his size is what makes Lady Galore stand out and brought her fame, Sander is struggling with more and more health problems. Gastric bypass surgery will help him regain a healthy weight. But what will remain of Lady Galore? March 16th (World premiere) and March 19th.
  • Of Love and Law (Japan 2018) – Yoshida Masafumi and Minami Kazuyuki are partners in love and in law, running the first and only law firm in Japan set up by an openly gay couple. Their main focus is defending the rights of LGBT clients, outsiders, and minorities. Award winning documentary that not only paints a portrait of two passionate activists, but also challenges the conservatism of Japanese society as a whole.


This is our small selection out of the enormous range of films on offer during the festival. Next to these films, the festival also puts on special events. We already mentioned the appearance of gay movie star Felix Maritaud, star of movies like ‘Sauvage’, ‘Jonas’ and ‘Knife+Heart’.

This year also sees the 2nd edition of 48 Hour Pink. This is a competition in which film makers are challenged to make an LGBTQ film within 48 hours. This competition will take place between March 15th and March 17th. It can be a chance for you to star in one of those films or at least admire the resultants of this pressure-cooking way of making film.

During the festival you have also a chance to see a remastered classic from the 1980’s. The restored, digital version of the first ever movie about Aids will be shown on March 15th. This movie, ‘Buddies’ from 1985, was the first ever movie addressing the Aids crisis. It tells the story of an Aids patient and his buddy.

Some previews

We hope you are able to visit the festival and enjoy your pick of the range of movies on offer. We leave you at the end of this article with a few trailers.

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