Mr B has good start on new location

On September 1, 2018, Mr B moved from its old location to the new address on Prinsengracht 192. After 24 years on the location at Warmoesstraat it was time to move on. Other than most media stated, the main reason for this was not the groups of tourists that stood in the way of relaxed shopping for Mr B customers. This was certainly a factor, though. Tourism has grown enormously over the past decades. The nature of tourism in Warmoesstraat is mainly defined by the kind of tourists that are attracted by the Red Light District, boozing and partying (think e.g. British stag party groups).
This is a stark contrast with the kind of tourists near the Homomonument and the Anne Frank House, near the new location of Mr B. Although the neighbourhood is very busy with tourists, the atmosphere is entirely different. This is one of historical reflection and education, rather than sex, drugs and rock’n roll.

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On our short visit on October 13, we learned that the main reason for the move was not the kind of tourism in the neighbourhood, but the fact that the Warmoesstraat building’s foundation have to be renovated. For this reason, the shop would have to close down for at least a year. That was the main reason for the move.

special sex toys in Mr B store
special sex toys in Mr B store

The shop appears to run okay on its new location, according to the staff we talked to. There are still enough customers, and far less tourists who only enter the store for fun. The new store front is less of a sexual eye catcher than the one at Warmoesstraat, but clearly enough selling gay erotica, which may help explain why the right type of customer enters the shop.

 Old store front on Warmoesstraat

Of course, flaunting your staff on the street may adversely affect this filtering function of the modest shop window :-)))

Mr B - front of shop (with staff member trying to escape our camera)
Mr B – new front of shop @ Prinsengracht (with staff member trying to escape our camera)
Mr B

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Mr B 52.373562, 4.882648 Mr B Well-known leather/rubber/fetish store. On September 1, 2018, Mr B moved from its location in Warmoesstraat (nr 89) to Prinsengracht 192. The reasons for the move (quoted from their Facebook account): \"Our store became an attraction for many tourists, but mostly for the wrong reasons. Our customers didn’t always feel at ease with the hordes of tourists coming in, often laughing at what they saw. It is time for us to move to a location which allows us to focus solely on our customers, not the people coming in for their Instagram selfies”, says owner Nelson Sousa da Cunha. Address: Prinsengracht 192 Open: Mo-We,Fr 10:30-19:00, Th 10:30-21:00, Sa 11:00-18:00, Su 13:00-18:00 Website:

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