Melkweg theater cancels show by anti-gay singer

The famous Amsterdam pop-theater De Melkweg has cancelled a show by reggae musician Sizzla, from Jamaica, because he has sung anti-gay texts. By doing so, the Melkweg has adopted a different policy than in 2012.

Reggae musician Sizzla
Reggae musician Sizzla

After de Melkweg staff found out the performer uses anti-gay lyrics, they decided to cancel the show and offer a refund to the people who already bought a ticket. Sizzla sings he thinks that man and women should not have sex with persons of the same sex, and he says he bases himself on the Bible.
He has been quoted to sing “Burn out the lesbian, burn out the gays with the lyrics. I don’t care who want vex, rastaman no support no same sex.”

De Melkweg says they do not want to provide a stage for ‘hurting and hateful’ texts. On Wikipedia (click here) there are more reports on controversy caused by the Jamaican performer.

When the Dutch gay movement COC protested against a performance by Sizzla in De Melkweg on March 30, 2012, de Melkweg let the show go on.

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