LGBTQI themed documentaries at IDFA

IDFA is the International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. It is one of the biggest (of not the biggest) documentary film festivals in the world. This year it is held from the 15th till the 26th of November. Expect an overload of inspiring, thought provoking, insightful and/or toughing documentaries in cinemas all around Amsterdam. And of course there are some interesting Queer movies as well, even a Queer day.

Queer Day at IDFA

On Monday the 20th of November it is Queer Day at IDFA. Together with LGBTQI tv station OUTtv IDFA organizes a special day with queer documentaries at the EYE film museum. It’s the fifth edition of this Queer day. You can see 4 new and interesting queer themed documentaries. In between there are short interviews with the film makers, main characters and experts. The day is concluded with a drink at the foyer of EYE museum, with a stunning view of the city.

The day starts at 10.45AM with Chavela, a documentary about a legendary latina singer who was a one time lover of Frida Kahlo. Although everyone knew or suspected she was lesbian, it was only at the end of her live that Chavela was able to come out.

At 1PM starts Queerama, a documentary telling the history of gay and lesbian life in the UK with the help of old film and tv fragments.  At 3.15PM ‘This is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous’ tells the story of the public transition of Gregory to Gigi, a famous Youtube star. And finally at 6PM starts ‘Mr. Gay Syria’, the story of a the community of gay, Syrian refugees in Istanbul.

You can get tickets at the IDFA website for this special Queer day.

Other notable queer documentaries at IDFA

If you can’t make it on the special Queer Day, these films are also available for viewing on other dates. And these are not the only queer themed documentaries at IDFA. Here is a list of all the documentaries at IDFA 2017. This is our selection:

  • Silvana, a documentary about a Swedish hip-hop artist and ‘power pussy’ who fights the patriarchy with her art.
  • Queer Core: How to Punk a Revolution, about an anarchistic subculture within the gay culture which combines its’ own esthetics and sexual politics.
  • I love work, portraying nine women who work in the lesbian porn industry.