Lethal drugs on the streets

Official drugs alert poster
Official drugs alert poster

Health officials and police in Amsterdam have started a big campaign against lethal drugs and their salesmen in Amsterdam. The past few months Amsterdam has been shocked by the news of three drugs related deaths. The young men involved thought they had bought cocaine, but instead had been sold heroin. Using this hard drug caused in all three cases a tragic ending of their lives. At least another fourteen people have been seriously unwell after using the lethal drugs.

Official action

To warn visitors of Amsterdam who plan to have a drug enhanced party time in the city, health and safety officials have started a very public campaign to warn them. Big screens are set up all around the city center to warn them. Next to that sms messages are pushed to foreign phone numbers residing in Amsterdam. Flyers and posters are being put up in popular places visited by (young) tourists such as hotels and coffee shops.

Public notices against lethal drugs
Public notices against lethal drugs

And as final measure the city is considering setting up mobile test teams are sent around the city to test drugs on their safety.

Above all it is important to realize that you can seek medical treatment in case you experience drugs related discomfort without the risk of getting prosecuted.

Many LGBTQ visitors of Amsterdam like to try all things on offer in this city of fun and pleasure. But beware and be safe, also when it comes to drugs.

Further Information

Further information can be found at the Public Health Service of Amsterdam’s dedicated website www.drugsalert.nl.

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