Leather Friends Netherlands wants to invigorate the leather scene

Leather Friends Netherlands (LFN) is a new initiative to re-invigorate the leather scene. LFN launched at the beginning of the year at a drink at The Web. The aim of LFN is to energize the leather scene in Amsterdam. They will do that with regular activities, where people who have an interest in the leather scene can get into contact with leather men and learn about the leather culture.

Leather Friends Netherlands born out of a need

One of the driving forces behind the LFN is Evert Leerson, Mr Leather Netherlands. When he got elected in the fall of 2017, he got together with Raymond Timmer (Mr Leather Europe), Breaches and Leather Uniform Fanclub (BLUF Amsterdam), party organizer XXX Leather and young leather man Eric Rivers.

Leather Friends Netherlands founders
Leather Friends Netherlands founders at the launch of LFN. (c)LFN

Together they noticed that the leather scene in Amsterdam was in decline. There are no exclusive leather bars any more, although in several bars like The Web leather men like to gather. And the number of leather men you see walking through the streets have also become less. All that is understandable since you can just open up your favorite dating app on your phone and choose your next date from the comfort of your couch. Once every several months you can join one of the big leather parties.

That said, the men noticed that the old-fashioned get togethers of leather men in a bar was missing. Amsterdam wasn’t the centre of the leather scene it used to be. And maybe because of that, the leather scene seems to be aging. For young men with an interest in leather it is not easy nowadays to get introduced into the leather scene and get initiated into the world of leather pants, harnesses and caps. It is time for action!

Leather Friends Netherlands: what is it & what do they do?

The LFN wants to bring leather men and their friends together. The LFN took their inspiration for that of the Leather Friends Italy and Leather Friends Spain. LFN is regularly going to organize drinks, so interested men can pop-in and some information on the leather scene. Because walking in leather outfits feels ‘sexy and natural’, but is a way of life where you need some information before you start buying the clothes.

But LFN is not going to wait for men to come to their drinks. They also go out to gay bars with a group of young leather men and meet men who might be interested in the leather scene. So maybe you come across these leather men and their friends their. If you just want to visit one of their drinks and have a chat with them, go to the LFN Facebook page for the latest news and upcoming events.

Our friends of MVS Gaystation made tv-reportage of the event and interviewed the men behind LFN. The interviews are in Dutch, but when you use the automatic translate option of Youtube you can get subtitles in your favorite language.

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