Join the Canal Parade @ Amsterdam Pride 2015 from your home

39e766eeccb75a96bf07a46e10f732eaOne of the highlights of the Amsterdam Pride is the by now world famous Canal Parade. A flotilla of 80 boats parade through the canals of Amsterdam with around 750.000 spectators alongside the canals. It is something you have to have seen at least once in your life. But if you can’t come over to Amsterdam this Saturday there is a solution: you can virtually sail with the Canal Parade from the comfort of your home!

There is a special Pridestream-boat with a 360 degree camera, which streams live on the internet making it possible for you to look around the Canal Parade in every direction. You can also make pictures or capture videos which will be shown on led-screens on the boat so the spectators along canals can see you to and wave at you. Just like you are participating in real time!

You can upload your personal video message before the Canal Parade starts at Your contribution will be made anonymous so your privacy is protected and you can share message in total freedom. In this way the organizers of the Pridestream-boat, some creative agencies and the telco KPN, want to contribute to international fight for LGBT rights.

A great way to join our party from wherever you are in the world. Maybe you can organise a party with friends and make your place a little bit of Amsterdam where ever you are.

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