It’s final: Thermos sauna bankrupt

There was some hope that, maybe, the Thermos could be sold to another party, and continue to exist, but last week, the Amsterdam court declared the world-famous sauna bankrupt. All 27 employees have been fired, and the sauna is closed.


Thermos closed
Thermos closure notice

Yet, the owner (Mr Jan Kuipers, 73) still hopes the sauna can be taken over by a new entrepreneur. He believes the Thermos is of monumental value, very much part of the history of the Dutch gay community and should therefore be saved.

For now, this is a sad goodbye to a famous part of the Amsterdam gay scene. If the Thermos re-opens any time, in any form, we’ll try to be the first to let you know.

Update 16-09-2016: auctioneering off the Thermos interior

Attempts in the past year to restart Thermos by new owners have failed. So now the auctioneers are selling the movable items from the Thermos sauna. You can bid on items like a sling, washing machines, pool and sauna equipment etc. until Thursday 22nd September 2016 at this website.

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