Girls in and out of love in Anne+

Anne+ is a new web series centered around the (love)life of a young Amsterdam lesbian woman called Anne. The Netherlands is not known for its’ tv-drama’s. This web series however is already the second web series created in and around the Amsterdam LGBTQI+ community. And thanks to the Youtube subtitling service you can enjoy it too.

Anna+ is a series of 6 ten minute episodes. Each episode focuses on a different (former) love interest of its’ main character called Anne. So the title Anne+ stands for: Anne plus the new character of that specific episode. How does Anne cope after she meets her first love in the street? Or how does Anne connect with a mysterious, beautiful woman she keeps on meeting? These and many other aspects of the life of young lesbians are explored in this series.

The making of Anne+

The makers of this series, Valerie Bisscheroux (24) and Maud Wiemeijer (25) explained in the national newspaper NRC, that as young lesbians they were looking themselves for films or tv series representing their lives. During their search they could find movies like Fucking Åmål. When the two met in the Amsterdam nightlife they quickly connected on their shared frustration that similar representation of lesbian life was lacking in Dutch films and tv series.

So they put their ideas on paper and started a crowdfunding campaign (watch the thank you video after completing their crowdfunding goal). Wiemeijer took care of the scenario of the series, while Bisscheroux directed it. They chose for a realistic, slightly documentary style for the series. This may sound serious, but the serious has a undercooled way of humor running through it.

Where to watch it

With its’ focus on the trials and tribulations of the love life of the main character the series has a wide appeal. Non-lesbian viewers can as easily relate to the story lines as lesbian viewers. For lesbian viewers it has of course the added bonus of finally seeing a realistic representation of their own lives and the lives of their friends. The series was filmed on the Amsterdam locations visited by the makers themselves, so it also gives you a realistic insight into the Amsterdam lesbian scene.

The series premiered in 2018 during the Dutch Film Festival. Last week the last two episodes were put online and the makers hope that they are able to make a second series. We liked the series a lot, so give it a try. You can watch the series on Youtube with the automated subtitling. Or look for more information at the official Anne+ website.


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