Gays and Lesbians playing Rugby: Bingham Cup 2018 in Amsterdam

The Bingham Cup is the world wide celebration of everything gay, lesbian and rugby. Also known as the world cup for gay and lesbian rugby teams, this tournament has become more and more popular since it started in 2002. This year it is going to be held for the first time in Amsterdam from June 2nd till the 11th. It promises to be 9 days of fun for the rugby players, the volunteers and the supporters and admirers of the rugby players.

Bingham Cup, named after an hero

Despite it’s rough image, rugby is actually quit a gay friendly sport. Several professional rugby players have come out as gay. And straight rugby players have openly supported LGBTQ rights. This openness towards gay sportsmen is also shown by the hosts of the 2018 Bingham Cup: the Amstelveen Rugby Cup. This rugby club in a southern suburb of Amsterdam is the homeclub for the Amsterdam Lowlanders and will host the Bingham Cup.

The Bingham Cup is named in honor of Mark Bingham. Apart from being a talented rugby player, he was instrumental in the founding of two gay rugby clubs: the San Francisco Fog and the Gotham Knights. He was one of a group of passengers on 9/11 who attacked the hijackers of their plane, which eventually led to them crashing into a vacant field in Pennsylvania.

Preparations for Bingham Cup Amsterdam 2018 are in full swing

Preparations are in full swing. Competitors all around the world are getting in shape and booking their flights. The organization is planning the events and assigning volunteers to the different tasks. Best of all, the tournament venue is taking shape and the Amsterdam Lowlanders can’t wait to welcome everyone in June!


The Bingham Cup Tournament will be the centerpiece of the Bingham Cup Program. Everyone is welcome on game days (June 8-10). Friends and family of players, rugby fans, the LGBTQ+ community and the general public are all welcome enjoy the games and show their rugby pride. But the week will be full of more than just sports activities.

Bingham BashOther events open to the public include the Bear Necessity Bingham Bash Opening Party at Panama on June 2, the Pub Hops on June 4 and 5, the launch of ‘Rugby Is My Pride’ Photo Exhibition in the Reguliersdwarsstraat, the Bingham Cup Street Village in the Reguliersdwarsstraat and the LESBIQUE Hangout in Spijker Bar on June 6, the Women’s Party at Achnaton on June 9 and the Farewell Reception at VondelCS on June 11. See the BCA18 Program for more details.

Registration still possible till May 31st

Registration for teams has already closed. But individual players, staff or supporters can still register until the 31st of May. Here the link for the registration details.

Become a Volunteer

The Bingham Cup is a big sports tournament with around 2,500 people attending from all over the world. That means a huge organizational effort which depends on lots of volunteers. The organizers look for around 250 volunteers with tasks like the registration proces on-site, supporting visiting teams, building up the facilities for the teams at the tournament area, security, cleaning etc. etc.

In short: a great way to be part of a rugby tournament, while you don’t play rugby (yet). And you get food, drinks, a volunteer outfit and free entry to the closing party at the Beurs van Berlage. If you have time for 1, 2 or even more days between June 5th and 11th than let them know via this webform.

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