Gaylinc pubcrawl around the Rembrandt plein

GayLINC regularly makes the rounds past the Amsterdam LGBTQI bars. The pub crawls are meant to keep a finger on the pulse of Amsterdam gay nightlife and keep you posted how the bars develop. This time we decided to make a small round along several of the gay bars in the Rembrandtplein area. And we were pleasantly surprised how well the bars seemed to be doing. A brief report.

Brug 34

Brug 34 is a small, open bar just of the Rembrandt plein at the beginning of the fashionable Utrechtse straat. We were sitting on a summer evening on one of the benches against the big windows of the bar. Friendly and quick service. Great view of the people strolling, walking, running, cycling or cruising by. You see fashionistas, lawyers, students and everything in between. A special attraction is the traffic to its’ next door neighbor: the well known coffeeshop Boerenjongens. That traffic is managed by an impressive looking steetmanager, dressed like a Sherlock Holmes character.

Brug 34 has also a spacious outside seating area on the bridge next door, where you can hang out with a larger group of friends. Although it is a gay bar, the public is fairly mixed and represents the public in the street.

In the past we visited it and the bar had a small DJ booth where an impressive drag queen was spinning the records. At our present visit we didn’t see any traces of the booth or the drag queen. So we used this bar as a perfect starting point for a pub crawl towards the more noisier bars.


Our next stop was Lellebel, the mother of all drag queen pubs in Amsterdam right now. We arrived early and the night had to get started, but already the locals and one time visitors peopled the bar. Lellebel is known for it’s mixed, gay, lesbian and straight public. But they all share one common denominator: they love to party and love drag queen entertainment. Lellebel organizes several sorts of events: karaoke evenings, drag queen performances, bingo nights etc. Mostly the party gets started around 10 PM.


Fast becoming one of the most popular gay bars in Amsterdam, Queers is relatively new on the scene. Located next to the Kleine Komedie theater, Queers gives its’ neighor a run for its’money in the field of entertainment and laughs. We got there on a Friday night and that is one of the most popular evenings at Queers. The gay crowd (mostly gay men) flock to the bar where drag queens perform on a small podium in the back of the bar. It is called Open Spot evening.

We were entertained by two talented drag queens: Missy Von Tease and Agnes Geneva. These two ladies sang alternately and changed clothes in between. One Missy Von Tease sang pop classics (think Queen, Adele and the like) and Agnes Geneva Eurovision Song Contest songs. Both were surprisingly good singers and entertained the crowd with quips and dances. Meanwhile the professional staff behind the bar quickly serviced all the customers who ordered a drink.

When we left we had the feeling this was going to be a party till the early hours of the morning.

Get a taste of the evening with a part from the opening act by Missy Von Tease.


Where Chez Rene used to be, there is now Fame. The new owners moved the bar around, making the small bar a little bit more spacious. It is festively decorated and with a music menu filled with party stompers it has a great atmosphere. The public is a mix of gays and there straight bff’s. A mix of all ages, although slightly on the younger side. Fame is a great bar in this area of gay bars to get together with a larger group of friends and have a fun night together.


We parted ways and each went our way home. On the way home we passed along Montmartre bar. The previous nights we went out in the neighborhood, the bar looked a bit too quiet. We were getting worried it was going downhill. But this night the crowd was waiting outside to get in, the bare was decorated with loads of balloons and the music was blaring out of the speakers. It looked like Montmartre was back on top again. We decided to put it on the list to revisited shortly. We will keep you posted.

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