Gay place to stay with MisterBnB

logo-misterbnb-89058fa67c74371dee8b966c45a29e28Since 2015 the gay version of AirBnB, called MisterBnB, is available in Amsterdam. With already 231 listings in 2018, mostly in the city centre of Amsterdam, MisterBnB offers an alternative to the regular hotels and it’s big brother AirBnB. Its’ unique selling point: al hosts are gay or gay friendly. Its’ weak points: it seems to be men only and the name.

Founded in 2013 by the people behind gay travel sites and, the idea was developed after a bad travel experience by one of it’s founders Matthieu Jost. He and his boyfriend went for a break to Barcelona and had booked accommodation through AirBnB. On arrival their host refused to let them sleep together in one bed. That experience gave them the idea to start a site where gay or gay friendly hosts can offer their apartment or room to gay travelers.

The website and the app

MisterBnB listings AmsterdamThe website is very familiar for AirBnB users: a clean and easy to use interface. The site offers several options to choose an apartment or room according to your taste. And of course you as a guest can rate and review the apartment, as can the host review and rate the guest. Not spectacular, but a quick way to select the type of place you are looking for. There is also an app available for the iPhone.

To MisterB or to MisterBnB? That’s the question

MisterB store AmsterdamNow one thing caught our eye when we read the news. It’s the name of this site. MisterBnB looks and sounds a lot like MisterB, the famous Dutch leather store with branches all around Europe. At first reading we thought that MisterB had started a new business. But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Normally in these kind of company name and trademark questions, the cat fights start quick and can be fierce. We therefore asked for a reaction from MisterB. They possibly thought that this name is a good form of flattery and stayed quiet on the issue.

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