Gay cinema Adonis closed down

To our surprise, we noticed the sex cinema Adonis at Warmoesstraat is no longer there. When we walked by a couple of days ago, to check the rumours we heard, it turned out to have become an ice cream parlour. No trace of its past to be seen.
Adonis was a gay sex shop, that also had a cinema with darkroom where you could have sex. Or you could have sex in the seats while watching a movie, of course.

If only the tourists knew what happened just a month ago in the same space where they now lick their ice cream……..

We don’t know why the cinema closed down. If you know more, please leave a comment!

Adonis has been moved to our Graveyard page.

CLOSED. The 2014 Adonis X-mas decoration
CLOSED. The 2014 Adonis X-mas decoration

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