Fetish gear in Amsterdam getting your outfit for a pleasurable night

When you are looking to fulfill your fetish dreams with the right outfit, you have a lot of shops in Amsterdam to choose from. Internationally renowned are of course Mr.B and RoB, two long established fetish stores that grew out of the leather scene and held a near monopoly together. But there is more to shop for in Amsterdam to get your fetish gear. Now you can choose from 5 fetish shops in Amsterdam, each with its’ own speciality. We went around town to explore the black pearls of the Amsterdam fetish scene. The quality of the shops we visited is high.

Gays & Gadgets/Underground

Gays & Gagdets/Underground is two stores rolled into one. On the ground floor you have Gays & Gadgets, with a wide range of goods and clothes. Here you get the more sports type fetish gear, but also fun gadgets you can offer as a gift to friends. In the back of the store is a section with information for gay visitors of Amsterdam. In the basement is the Underground: the hard core fetish sister store of Gays & Gadgets. It has a wide range of leather, rubber and other fetish gear. The lay out of the store invites you to browse around. You get the feeling that around every corner there might be something interesting to discover.

During our visit we had a great chat with the owner, Hans Verhoeven. He told us how over the years he has been constantly adapting and changing the concept of his two stores. He survived the difficult crisis years shortly after 2008 and is now thriving with his quality and innovation driven approach. Gays & Gadgets/Underground was one of the first fetish stores to supply for the growing sports clothes scene. And now it is the only shop selling the unique range of Maskulo clothing. Hans saw the clothes while visiting Moscow and got into contact with the producer deep down in Siberia (NovoSibirsk). Despite the difficulties of trading with Russia, he took the risk and now these clothes are proudly displayed at the entrance of the store.

Being a successful fetish gear entrepreneur

We had a small talk with Hans about what it takes to survive as an entrepreneur in the gay scene in Amsterdam. Of course it takes commercial skills and a good knowledge of the market. And customer service in the store and online. We noticed that when we entered the store and (just like other customers) got offered a drink by the friendly staff. But most of all Hans stressed involvement with the LGBTQ community as an important factor. So you will see Hans at it different events, be it parties, demonstrations or debates. It is a good method for him to connect with as many different members of the LGBTQ community.

The Bronx

The Bronx is one of the oldest gay stores in Amsterdam. In 2016 they celebrated their 40 year anniversary. Did The Bronx start in the seventies and eighties as a place to watch a porn movie or buy your porn video of magazine, nowadays it has transformed into something completely different. In 2016 they remodeled their store completely and now it is a clean, bright, spacious fetish store.

You won’t find many books or dvd’s any more. Although they still have a small dvd basement section. The most part of the store is dedicated tot sex toys, gear and clothes. Expect brands like Tenga, Cellblock 13 and Timoteo. Lots of sports fetish clothes, a wide array of dildos and sex toys and some leather clothing. In the front is a small straight section, but about 80 percent of the store is still geared towards a gay clientele.

Located in the Kerkstraat with other gay venues like Club Church, Black Body, Spijker bar and Amistad hotel around the corner, The Bronx is part of a nice small gay neighborhood. If they keep up the good management of the last few years, it might thrive for another 40 years.

Black Body

Black Body is a clean bright store, mostly focused on rubber clothing. They also have a small range of MrB clothes available, with the MrB shop in shop concept. They also have some sex gear and toys on offer. This store also has two levels, with most of the gear and toys on display in the basement. Of the three stores we found this one the least welcoming and friendly , but maybe we just visited on a bad day.

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Below is an overview of the currently known places where you may go for your fetish needs:

Leather/Rubber/Fetish shops

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Bronx: 52.365341, 4.885815
Gays & Gadgets/Underground: 52.376359, 4.892641
Mr B: 52.373562, 4.882648
RoB: 52.374980, 4.897804
Black Body: 52.363358, 4.889303
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Black Body

Gay rubber/leather/latex clothes store. Here you can find all kinds of erotic clothes and accessories.

Address: Kerkstraat 173
Open: Mo-Sa 11:00-19:00, Su closed
Website: http://www.blackbody.nl
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Bronx is a household name in Amsterdam in gay porn, since 1976. Used to be a sexshop annex cinema with a friendly atmosphere and a knowledgeable staff. Nowadays, the Bronx sells fetish clothes and various kinds of sex toys. There's a small straight section, but the general atmosphere is of a gay store.

Address: Kerkstraat 53-55
Open: Mo-Su 10:00-22:00
Website: http://www.bronx1976.com
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Gays & Gadgets/Underground

Gays & Gadgets is two stores into one. On the ground floor is Gays & Gadgets with information about LGBTQ Amsterdam, fun gifts and gadgets and some sexy gear. Underground is a fetish store in the basement of Gays & Gadgets. See our more extensive review in this article.

Address: Spuistraat 44
Open: Mo-Sa 11:00-19:00, Su 12:00-19:00

Website: http://www.gaysandgadgets.com
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Mr B

Well-known leather/rubber/fetish store. On September 1, 2018, Mr B moved from its location in Warmoesstraat (nr 89) to Prinsengracht 192.
The reasons for the move (quoted from their Facebook account):
"Our store became an attraction for many tourists, but mostly for the wrong reasons. Our customers didn’t always feel at ease with the hordes of tourists coming in, often laughing at what they saw. It is time for us to move to a location which allows us to focus solely on our customers, not the people coming in for their Instagram selfies”, says owner Nelson Sousa da Cunha.

Address: Prinsengracht 192
Open: Mo-We,Fr 10:30-19:00, Th 10:30-21:00, Sa 11:00-18:00, Su 13:00-18:00

Website: http://www.mrb.nl
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Leather/rubber/fetish store

Address: Warmoesstraat 71
Open: Mo-Sa: 11:00-19:00, Su: 13.00-18.00
Website: http://www.rob.nl