Exhibition ‘Veneration of the Man’ in Allard Pierson Museum

The Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam has opened a new exhibtion, the ‘Veneration of the Man’ (Dutch: Verheerlijking van de man’).

The topic of the exhibition is the image of Man through the eyes of men. The exhibition sheds new light on the museum collection of the Allard Pierson.
The Allard Pierson Museum is Amsterdam’s antiquities museum, with Greek and Roman archeological finds and (copies of) statues.

Heracles Paul Scala
‘Heracles’ by Paul Scala

The exhibition makes use of work by renowned international photographers such as Brett Lloyd (London), Paul Scala (London), Maciej Toporowicz (New York), Sergey Melnitchenko (Ukrain), Martin C. de Waal (Amsterdam) and the illustrator Gordon Flores (Paris).

With the help of objects from Antiquity, the exhibition investigates the image of Man, as the ideal Man, the ideal self or as an object of lust for other men. By having a very close look at the old objects, and by giving them a new interpretation, it becomes visible how ominpresent emotion is for the motivation of creative production.

The topic of men in Antiquity is of course one that never ceases to intrigue us at GayLinc, so we advise you to have look!

The exhibition started on July 26 and will last until September 21,2014. Opening hours: Tu-Fr 10-5, Sa-Su 1-5.
The website (http://www.allardpiersonmuseum.nl/) has info in English, but not about this exhibition.

Allard Pierson Museum

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Allard Pierson Museum 52.368610, 4.893175 Allard Pierson Museum Address: Oude Turfmarkt 127 Website: http://www.allardpiersonmuseum.nl/

Location of Allard Pierson Museum

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