Event list just gotten a huge update

An important part of the GayLINC website is the event list. It is an overview of all upcoming LGBTQI events in Amsterdam, which we think are of interest for our readers. These can be parties, exhibitions, sports events or any other type of event. Out of the large numbers of activities organized in Amsterdam, we pick those which we think are unique, fun and/or interesting.

Event list just massively updated

Thanks to several contributors our events list has over the past few days gotten a huge update. We added over 20 new events in the upcoming months. Take a look at the events calendar page to see if there is something to your liking. It may help you to plan your trip to Amsterdam.

Some particular favorites are the following events:

  • A new lesbian monthly hang out in the centre of the city called G.I.R.L.D.R.O.P.
  • One of the biggest LGBTQI tennis tournaments in the world
  • An open air party in the middle of the Vondelpark by Rosario
  • The women’s Pink Hockey Fest

But there is much more, so check out the full page.

Want to add your event to the calendar?

If you organize something for the LGBTQI community in Amsterdam and want to create some buzz for it: tell us! Let us know when and where your activity is and for whom you are organizing is. And if we have time, we might join your event and make a report for our readers.

Contact us on redactie [at] gaylinc.nl