Entre Nous closed down

Entre Nous @ Halvemaanssteeg
Entre Nous @ Halvemaanssteeg

The popular gay bar Entre Nous has closed down on november the 9th. Part of the Dutch singalong gay scene in the Halve Maansteeg area of Amsterdam, Entre Nous has had a successful run in the last two years. It has had a growing following amongst the younger gay crowd and the future looked secure for this bar. However, on their Facebook page the owners write: “It’s with a heavy heart that we have to announce the closure of our bar”.

The reporters of the Metro newspaper asked the owners why they closed down their bar. In a reaction to the Metro newspaper, the owners state that “It was a decision purely based on business grounds and had nothing to do with a lower than expected number of visitors and therefore income”. Whatever that may mean…

On their Facebook page they profusely thank their team member Patrick and wish him well in the next steps in his career. They call their Entre Nous venture a wonderfull adventure. It is sad to see them go

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