Drag Queens United Glorious Christmas Lipdub

Hundred drag queens and their friends in one glorious and fabulous Christmas Lipdub video. That is the 2016 special event of Drag Queens United. The result is a 12 minutes of Christmas music from the traditionally sweet to the saucy and sexy. The real stars of this video are of course the 100 beautiful ladies showing their elegance, grace and sassiness.

Drag Queens United

drag queens
Drag queens uniting in this screen shot of the lip dub video.

In 2011 Lady Galore took the initiative to unite the drag queen community in Amsterdam. The aim of Drag Queens United is to work together and show the gay scene the strength and beauty of drag queens in Amsterdam. They want to show that they can work together to create something fun and beautiful. In the end that example might lead to a new open attitude of acceptance and tolerance within the gay community.

This year they chose to create a lip dub during their annual event. While you watch this video, you can see the enormous amount of work that has gone in the creation of the outfits, the choreography and the actual shooting of the video. They result brings anybody with a heart and a sense of humor in the holiday spirit.

Enjoy the next 12 minutes and give Drag Queens United and Lady Galore a shout out!

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