Canal Parade 2015 Amsterdam

To pee or not to pee…

The twentieth edition of the Gay pride Canal parade in Amsterdam was again a colourful one (see below for yourself: Gaylinc’s impression). A big party for all gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender, boat lovers, peeping Toms and Tracys etc. but also for the Dutch ‘Joe the plumbers’ and their family from the country side. They can see every kind of people on the boats, drool over all the great bodies of the same sex in the open without being caught by spouses or offspring, or dreaming of one of the opposite sex that never met ‘the right straight partner’.

Observing and photographing people without any restriction is always a pleasure, also for me.

delivery boyHe can deliver his package any time at my place, as far as I’m concerned 🙂

The big success of this boat parade also has his down sides.

Some of the inner city inhabitants are complaining about the noise and the littering of the UNESCO protected old canals and parking problems. I prefer to ignore them. If they can afford to live in this part of the city, they can also afford to go to a nice quite place on the first Saturday of august. And if they have a momentarily lack of cash, they might consider renting their apartment for some big cash for the party week(end). But I think a lot of inhabitants enjoy sitting front row with drinks, food and sanitary fittings in reach during the parade.

uit het raamfirst class Canal Pride seats

But I must admit that some visitors are real assholes (m/f). On my way back home, I bumped into two ‘ladies’ who emptied their bladders. One sat on the lower front of a nice red car and let her ‘river of Babylon’ float. No idea what pee is doing with the cars varnish but it can’t be a best practice for maintenance. The other ‘lady’ was even nastier. Some Amsterdam houses have a cellar entrance. A few steps lead you down street level to a front door. This girl squatted down on such a step with her sun abstained buttocks pointing to the door. She also let her golden shower spray all over the door, door window and door knob. I was so astonished by these uncivilised acts that it didn’t even occur to me that I should make a photo –or even better- film for proof, naming and shaming on the internet. Be aware, ladies: next time I will!

I know man can also be like dogs and spray their territorial golden marks all over. I think that they are even worse, for the city provides a lot of ‘plaskruizen’ (urinate crosses) where you can dump your beer and liquor residues. And NO: do NOT urinate in the canals either. If a cop (a real one, not a leather wrapped guy or girls who just left a parade boat) sees you doing that he might give you a fine. For the municipal law of Amsterdam is very clear about it:

It’s prohibited to do outside, on a road, that what a urinoir or other toilet facility is intended for (my own poor translation of article 5.11 of the municipal law of Amsterdam)

The next article states: you are only allowed to use a urinoir or toilet facilty to do what it’s made for, but that’s another story…

roze in blauw This is what a real dutch police(wo)man looks like, canal pride police boat ‘pink in blue’.

A tip for those with small bladders: visit a bar or café and pay for using the toilet or –even better- order a coffee, beer or other drink and go to the loo for free.

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