Cafe De Engel van Amsterdam no longer gay bar

It had been in the news already that gay bar De Engel would be sold to shipping company Smidtje – and last week the sale was finalized. We had a look yesterday, and it is completely visible: De Engel is no longer a gay bar.

Cafe de Engel
Cafe de Engel, August 5 2015

Just to make more sure, we had a little chat with the friendly barman. Yes, the bar is now owned by Rederij (shipping company) Smidtje. And when asked to confirm De Engel is no longer a gay bar, he said that ‘everybody is welcome’.
Of course, everybody is welcome, but that does not make a gay bar, as we all know. Having a look at the guests that were sitting around was telling enough: women discussing their adorable baby (and adorable it was!), a husband and wife sipping a beer…….
Nothing wrong with that – but it’s no longer gay. Even though the name has not changed, and even though there was still a rainbow flag on the front – probably a left-over from the very busy Gay Pride Week street party.

Street party Zeedijk, July 31 2015
Street party Zeedijk, July 31 2015 (poosibly the last day of De Engel as a gay bar)

With the Barderij probably turning into a restaurant (not yet yesterday, when we looked), this will likely mean the end of Zeedijk as a gay hotspot. Then the Queen’s Head will be the only left.

Sadly, we have to move De Engel to our Graveyard page.

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