Buy Your Special EuroPride T-shirt

The department store chain HEMA, world-famous in the Netherlands and a real household name, has brought special  EuroPride t-shirts on the market.
The design uses two of Hema’s all-time classic products: the rookworst and the tom-pouce.

[Update 29-07-2016] The Europride t-shirts proved to be so popular that Hema now offers them also for sale online: look at the website if you want to buy them.

HEMA sausages for Europride T-shirt
HEMA sausages for Europride

The Hema-rookworst is a sausage sold by Hema’s all over the country. It contains mixed meat and spiced, and is eaten warm. It’s been a popular snack for decades – the Dutch queue up for it!

The tom-pouce is a classic Dutch/Belgian pastry. Two crisp layers of extremely sweet pink pastry are filled with yellow custard cream in the middle. It is always rectangular and pink – and because of the smooth custard filling notoriously difficult to eat. But that’s part of the fun.

HEMA Tompouces for Europride T-shirt
HEMA Tompouces for Europride

Where can you buy your Europride T-shirt?

The special EuroPride T-shirt is available at 4 Hema’s in Amsterdam Centre only, starting Saturday July 23. The 4 Hema outlets are located at Jodenbreestraat 11, Kalverstraat 212 (near Munt Tower, in the basement), Nieuwendijk 174 and Amsterdam Central Station. Limited Edition!

Proceeds go to charity Gay-Straight Alliance, says Hema. And yes, there’s also a straight version: with tompouce and rookworst.

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