Bears Unite for the Amsterdam Bear Pride

Amsterdam Beare Pride ModelFrom Thursday March 19th till Monday March 23rd 2015 Amsterdam will celebrate it’s second Bear Pride. Last year a couple of gay bars and party organizers in Amsterdam got together and organized the first Amsterdam Bear Pride. The 4th pride in Amsterdam: next to the famous Amsterdam Gay Pride in August, the long established Amsterdam Leather Pride (October) and the Amsterdam Fetish Pride (May). Amsterdam is becoming an almost full year Pride City. Apparently the furry men and their friends liked it, so they decided to organize a second edition of this event.

The organizers promise a weekend full of fun: bowling, a pub crawl, dancing, cruising, bingo, a canal cruise. The highlight of the weekend is a Mister Bear Netherlands election. According to their website it is a “weekend that aims to bring people from the community together, to simply have a good time and organized by people from that same community”.

Amsterdam Bear Pride Logo

We only wonder why to call it a Pride? Call us old-fashioned, but a Pride used to be more than just parties and cruising. The unique character of a Pride is, that it combines partying and cruising with political action and public visibility. Amsterdam Bear Weekend would be a better name for this event.

Despite our doubts about the name, it seems to become a fun weekend for the Grizzly Bears and Polar Bears in the gay scene. The full program you can see here.

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