Bear weekend first night pub crawl

The Amsterdam Bear Weekend kicked off on Thursday night, starting a  four-day event for bears, otters, cubs and the men who love them. We went on a mini pub crawl to get a flavour of this event. The weekend was full of different events, so this is only an impression.

Netherbears in the Queens Head

The Queens Head was filled with lots of hairy, burly bears. It was an easy going evening with all the men enjoying a drink and a chat. It was almost as if the expectation of the Bear Weekend was in the air and everybody was taking it easy and holding back a bit.
The Netherbears had their flag hung up, but there was no clear sign of any special activity by this club. Not really necessary really: the visiting bears were settling down in Amsterdam and the Dutch bears were winding down from work. All getting ready for the parties later in the weekend.

Getting glamorous in Getto

At Getto the atmosphere was quite different. Under the banner of “Getto Glam” they had a special event for the evening with performances of Victoria False and Pete Statham. There combined show gave the evening an almost the atmosphere of a Berlin cabaret.

Victoria, a well known drag artist in Amsterdam, was the hostess with the mostest. She sang several songs, while walking around the bar and interacting with the public. She also interviewed Mr Bear Netherlands 2016 about his experiences as a poster boy for the Dutch Bear community. And she led a little quiz where she had a talent of choosing Mexican visitors as contestants. One of them was tempted by her to undress and put on his prize: a Amsterdam Bear Weekend t-shirt.

Pete Statham shot to fame as part of Bearforce1 and now was the right extra act during this glamorous evening. He sung several songs of his latest cd. But the best was probably the duet he sang with Victoria False. Somehow the combination in a live duet of a drag artist and a bear gay man worked very well. You can see an example of their duet from an earlier performance at the bottom of this article.

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