Art & Culture @ Amsterdam pride 2015

As always, Amterdam Pride has a list of events labelled as ‘Art & Culture’. Although it is subjective what event is the most interesting, we selected three that drew our attention in particular.

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1. Unveiling of tombstone monument for Aaicha Bergamin
On June 10 2014, Aaicha Bergamin was buried in a municipal grave, a rather sad ending of people without money (or friends or relatives willing to pay) for a proper burial. On the grave is only a number, not even your name.

Aaichia Bergamin
Aaicha Bergamin

Historian Alex Bakker and glamour star Dolly Bellefleur started a crowd funding petition to create a special tombstone for Aaicha Bergamin.
Aaicha was born a boy in 1932. She fled to Paris and ended up in the transgender scene of that city. Back in Amsterdam she became a well-known person in the Amsterdam Red Light District. Until the 1970’s, she was frequently harrassed by the police, who chased down her and her trans friends.

She was a pioneer and she paved the way for transgenders, who nowadays have a far better life.

The tombstone to be unveiled is the result of a design contest in which six designers took part, all without payment.

Date/time: July 28, 15.30 – 17.30
Location: cemetery St. Barbara, Spaarndammerdijk 312, Amsterdam

Sint Barbara

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Sint Barbara 52.390779, 4.863317 Cemetery Sint Barabara, where the tombstone of Aaichia Bergamin will be unveiled.

The unveiling ceremony starts in the chapel of the cemetery, with a musical hommage by Dolly Bellefleur. This is followed by the unveiling of the tombstone.

2. Guided tour Pink at the Rijks
The Rijksmuseum, one of Holland’s most prestigious museums (if not the most prestigious), takes part in the Amsterdam Gay Pride with a special art tour.
This tour uses works of art in the Rijksmuseum to portray the history of homosexuality in the Netherlands: from the 16th until the 20th century, from Sodom and Gomorra to the pink triangle.


The tour costs a surcharge of E 5,- on top of the regular fee, and is organize from July 29 to August 2 (5 days). The tour can be booked online.

For details, click this link.

3. Free Gay Walking Tour Amsterdam
Pay What You Want Tour. Get up close and personal with Amsterdam, the gay heart of Europe. Take an informal tour through the city in the company of other LGBT tourists and your friendly tour guide.

This tour is on July 31, 2-4 pm. It starts at the homomonument.


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Homomonument 52.374342, 4.884624 Homomonument Monument in commemoration of persecution of homosexuals. The monument consists of 3 large pink marble triangles, together forming a larger triangle. The pink triangle was used in the Nazi concentration camps to mark homosexuals (similar to the yellow star for Jews). On the monument you can read a text \'Naar vriendschap zulk een mateloos verlangen\' (To friendship such an endless desire). This is a famous quote of the gay (and Jewish) poet Jacob Israël de Haan. The monument (created in 1987) attracts many gay visitors from all over the world. One of the triangles sticks out into the Keizersgracht canal. Often you will find flowers laid here by visitors. Website: Homomonument, one of the 3 pink marble triangles

Homomonument near Westerkerk

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