Amsterdam Pride 2020 slogan: ‘Take Pride in Us’

The Amsterdam Pride has revealed its’ theme for the 2020 edition of the festival: ‘Take Pride in Us’. With this slogan the organization of the Amsterdam Pride wants to signal that “everybody has to take responsibility towards each other, within and outside of the [LGBTQI+] community”. The Dutch minister for LGBTQI+ affairs revealed the slogan during the Amsterdam Pride Christmas party.

The story behind the slogan

On their website Amsterdam Pride explains that with ‘Take Pride in Us’ they want to appeal to two communities. Amsterdam Pride wants to offer a safe space for everyone who doesn’t conform to the hetero normative norm in society. “I am thinking of a society in which your gender/sex/gender-orientation shouldn’t matter and is simply a given,” according to Lucien Spee, director of Amsterdam Pride. “That is why everyone who is different from the hetero norm should feel invited to be noticed and to be visible during Pride Amsterdam. Together we would like to convince all the heterosexuals of the Netherlands to be proud of us.”

But with the theme Amsterdam Pride also calls upon the different groups within the LGBTQI+ community. “Our LGBTQI+ community consists of many different groups, but is dominated by white gay men. Other LGBTQI+ groups consider these men as privileged, because they seem have it easier. ” according to Spee. “With this slogan, we want to call upon everyone for more mutual understanding. To respect the fight the other one has fought and to support those who have fallen behind on the way to equality and inclusiveness. Let’s embrace each other and be proud of each other, so we can walk the path to full acceptance in unity and good harmony. ”

Reflecting recent debate around Amsterdam Pride

This slogan and the reasoning behind the slogan is a reaction of Amsterdam Pride towards criticism from the LGBTQI+ community. Especially younger and culturally diverse queer activists have been protesting agains what they see as the commercial, main stream character of the Amsterdam Pride. They protested against the lack of political activism and dominance of activities for white gay men. The focus of these protest was often the famous Canal Parade.

In the last few editions the Amsterdam Pride has tried to make the festival more focused on political issues. It also gave space to more groups within the LGBTQI+ community. But the criticism hasn’t gone away. We will see if the 2020 slogan will be another step towards a more activist and inclusive Amsterdam Pride. The organization explained the slogan with a on-the-one-side, ont-the-other-side argument. That makes us think the 2020 edition will be a small step at best towards a more activist and inclusive pride.

The Amsterdam Pride will take from July 25th till August 2nd 2020.

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