Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival 2018 Celebrating Cinema from March 8th till 18th

Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival or Roze Filmdagen is bringing the best LGBTQ films to the city for the 21st time. From March 8th till the 18th you can enjoy a range of full feature films, short films and documentaries from all over the world. In total the organizers selected  125 films, organized in themes like connected generations, icons, musicals and a special focus on the country of Finland. And as a special competition this year they host the 48 HOUR Pink challenge for the first time. The festival is held in the Westergas theatre and Ketelhuis cinema.

A selection of the films on offer this year

The festival opens with a festive musical movie ‘Hello Again‘ by Thomas Gustafson. In this ageless ode to love and diversity, the ten characters in this movie travel through time. And during their journey they not only experience different eras, but also change sexual preferences. A great opening for this LGBTQ film festival.

The Finish theme is present in at least two films shown at the festival. First of all the festival has the Dutch premier of the biopic about Tom of Finland. This film was released last year with much critical acclaim. And another interesting Finish entry is ‘A moment in the reeds‘ in which young Finish man returns to Finland to help his father restore the family home. While working on the house he falls in love with the handyman, who is a Syrian refugee.

Still from ‘Signature Move’

Another first screening in The Netherlands is Signature Move. It is a very popular lesbian movie on the LGBTQ movie scene. The movie tells the story of Zaynab, a Pakistani-American lawyer. She escapes the family pressure to marry by diving into the world of Mexican female wrestling.

Elle Page is a well-known, Oscar nominated actress and LGBTQI rights activist. She stars in the romantic drama My Days of Mercy as the daughter of a man on death row. During one of her demonstrations near the jail, she falls in love with a woman and is confronted with the other side of the debate about death penalty.

One of the documentaries, we are looking out for is ‘Grace Jones: Bloodlight and Bami‘. As the titles suggests it is a portrait of the model, gay icon, singer and actress Grace Jones. How did this daughter of a bishop conquer the world and made everybody a ‘Slave to the Rhythm’ in the 1980’s? This documentary will tell you.

In ‘Saturday Church‘ 14-year old Ulysses struggles with his gender identity. He creates his own fantasy world full of dance and music, but his real life blossoms up when he gets into contact with the transgender community. They take him to ‘Saturday Church’ and Ulysses discovers his passion for ballroom dancing.

Still from ‘God’s own country’

Another Dutch premier is ‘God’s own country’. Often billed as the English Brokeback Mountain it tells the story of the son of a sheepfarmer in Yorkshire. He has to run the family’s farm after his father gets partially paralyzed. Meanwhile he is frustrated with life and takes his frustration out with booze and casual sex, until a Romanian seasonal farm worker arrives to help out during the lambing season.

48 HOUR Pink film challenge

48 HOUR Pink is a worldwide film competition, where film makers are challenged to make a LGBT+ film in only 48 hours. It will be the first time this challenge is held in Amsterdam. In the weekend before the Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival film makers get 48 hours to make a short movie. Everything is possible, but a few elements are mandatory such as: genre, prop, character and dialogue are only announced at the start of the challenge.

The results of 48 HOUR Pink will be shown during the festival on Sunday March 11th (start at 9.30PM). The film of the winner will be shown in Dutch cinemas as part of the Gay Film Night program. And the Roze Filmdagen organization will promote the film at international film festivals.

Are you up for the challenge? Contact the organizers for more information.

More information on tickets and full program

On February the 17th the full program will be announced by the organizers of the Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival. Meanwhile to drop hints of the program on their Facebook page.

You can buy tickets for each film you want to watch. But real movie buffs probably want more. The organizers offer several ways to support the festival and treat yourself at the sam time.

You can support the Amsterdam LGBTQ Film festival by becoming a Pink member. A one year membership is €50. It gets you a 3-euro discount at full price tickets during the festival. As a Pink member you can in addition also buy a passepartout for the festival for €200,-. For non members this passpartout will cost €250,-.

If you live in Amsterdam or The Netherlands a  membership also offers treats during other LGBTQ film events in during the year.

If you become a platinum member for €750,- you can visit the opening night and you get a personal pass part out for all the films during the festival. You  also get a uniquely designed t-shirt and are invited for special member events. Due to limited space only 10 non-platinum passepartouts are available.

For more information on the exact program and tickets go to the website of the Amsterdam LGBTQ Film Festival.

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