Amsterdam Gay Pride – Our top sports events

One of the highlights in the LGBT calendar in Amsterdam is the annual Gay Pride. Many of you may have seen the Canal Parade, the famous float of boats through the canals of Amsterdam celebrating LGBT life and culture. As many as 1 million spectators line up the canals for this event, which takes place on the 2nd of August this year.

But the Gay Pride in Amsterdam is more than just having fun on or along the canals for one day a year. From 26th July till the 3rd of August over 200 events will be organised: on the streets and in parks, in popular bars and in surprising temporary venues. An overwhelming amount of events to visit. See the official AGP website for a full listing.

We’ve made our own selection of events, which we think are worth while the visit. In a series of articles we will present the hidden gems and crown jewels of this years’ Amsterdam Gay Pride.


To kick of the series we start with three sporting events. By letting you know about these events, we hope you will have time enough to train and participate.

3. Rugby Clinic

Rugby Clinic @ Amsterdam Gay PrideDo you want to be rugged, are you enthusiastic, sporty and like to work on your condition in a team? Then you are welcome to attend the rugby clinic of the ARC Lowlanders! ARC Lowlanders is the one and only Amsterdam Gay rugbyteam. An international en enthousiast group of gay men who love the noble ball game and are not shy to show their enthusiasm.

During the clinic the rugby basics are explained and we teach you to make a pass or a tackle. Get into the scrum and learn how to tackle like a pro!


2. Dykes on bikes

Holland is famous for being a biking country and Amsterdam is it’s biking capital. So it is no surprise that one of the events in the Amsterdam Gay Pride is a bike ride for women. A route of about 160 km is set out in and around Amsterdam. Enjoy the Dutch biking experience in the beautiful landscape around the city and possibly experience the Dutch mountains ( actually no physical mountains, but cycling against a strong wind). The ride is for all types of bike riders: experienced or novices. You need to bring your own bike with you.

1. Gay Pride Tennis Toss

Smashing PinkOn of the sporting traditionals of the Amsterdam Gay Pride, the Gay Pride Tennis Toss tournament is again organized in 2014 by the LGBT Tennisclub Smashing Pink. Everybody is welcome: members and non-members of Smashing Pink.

As usual this open tennistoss promises to become a great event for LGBT tennis players of all levels: men and women. It is FREE and you hit the ball from 4 till 9 o’clock in the afternoon. In the tennis toss tournament system players are linked up for rounds of doubles of 45 minutes, so every 45 minutes you’ll meet up new players.

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