Amsterdam Gay Pride 2017 street parties

One of the charming things of the Amsterdam Gay Pride are the street parties. At several locations during the two weeks of Pride you can hang out on the streets with a drink in your hand and entertainment of various kinds right in front of you: singers, dancers and of course hot guys and girls. Most street parties will take place during the closing weekend of the Amsterdam Gay Pride from August 4th till August 6th. As part of our series of highlights of the Amsterdam Gay Pride 2017 we offer you here our selection of street parties. For a full list of Amsterdam Gay Pride events, see their website.

Prik Pride Street Party

  • Friday 4th of August, 7PM – 12AM (outdoors) 12AM – 3AM (indoors)
  • Saturday 5th of August, 4PM – 12AM (outdoors) 12AM – 3AM (indoors)
  • Free entrance
  • Spuistraat 109

Prik is back with a Pride street party. It promisses to be one of the biggest street parties in Amsterdam!
For 2 days the Spuistraat will be closed off for traffic to celebrate LGBTQI+ pride and freedom in Amsterdam. A line up of Amsterdam’s best DJ’s will be on the outdoor stage opposite PRIK. Together with the outdoor bars, food trucks and happy crowd all the ingredients are there for a wonderful party. Prik’s famous cocktails and prosecco from tap are available indoors.

  • Line-up August 4th: The G-Team, DJ Aizy, MC Divine and DJ Popsnob
  • Line-up August 5th: DJ Ghostmagic, DJ Gina, DJ Devotion, DJ Diego Summers, MC Miss Bunty

Prik Pride Straat Party Poster


kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Prik 52.388225, 4.954748 Prik Relaxed atmosphere with a mixed crowd of all ages: alternative types, very women friendly, although mainly gay men. Prik has repeatedly won the prize for best gay bar in The Netherlands and it has become a stable fixture in the fast changing gay scene in Amsterdam. The staff reflects the relaxed and mixed clientele. They always do their best to make you feel welcome and go out of their way in organising karaoke nights, pub quizzes, and other special events. They also host events of local gay groups, like the monthly drink of hiv positive men or events of the gay expat group. Check out their agenda on their website! At Prik you can order classic Dutch snacks (like bitterballen), but don’t forget to try the pink prosecco right from the tap! Their cocktails are famous, especially the non-alcoholic ones (do you dare ordering a pussy at the bar?). In short: this is the place where a large part of the Amsterdam gay community hangs out and meets their friends. The terrace in summer is also worth mentioning: itt was the winner in our gay terraces test. Address: Spuistraat 109 Open: Monday till Thursday 4PM - 1AM Friday till Saturday 4PM - 3AM Sunday 3PM – 1AM Website:


  • Friday 4th of August, 7PM – 12.15AM
  • Saturday 5th of August, 4PM – 12.15AM
  • Free entrance
  • Corner Utrechtstestraat and Rembrandt square

The famous dragshowbar Lellebel is organizing its’ own street party on the corner of Utrechtstestraat and Rembrandt square. Several artist will perform on stage. Lellebel’s regulars like Miss Sugi LaRi, Tiffanie DeeLight (Miss Travestie Holland 2015), Niki Today (Miss Travestie Holland 2016), Marie-Rosé Korsakov, Agnes Geneva (singer ot the Trans Pride Anthem 2016), Kiki Boops, Miss Elvira,  and Miss Fucksia. Also other Amsterdam drag queens will perform like Roxy Diamond, DonnaTella Vergatsie, Annie Alcohol & La Lolly.

And even more famous (inter)national acts will entertain you, such as Musique, an American girl group with lead singer Christine Wiltshire, Woman, Pierre Biesterveld, Glenn de Koning, Dennis Peperkamp, Richard Grand, Braxi, Jos Zwart, Saskia, Ruby & Johnny Laine, Boy Band Storm 3 and ABBA-4.


kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Lellebel 52.365646, 4.897478 Lellebel Small cozy bar with stage annex dance floor and wonderful authentic art deco lights. Before entering check-out the Barbie & Ken collection in the window. Lellebel is the mother of all drag queen pubs in Amsterdam right now. It is known for it’s mixed, gay, lesbian and straight public. But they all share one common denominator: they love to party and love drag queen entertainment. Lellebel organizes several sorts of events: karaoke evenings, drag queen performances, bingo nights etc. Mostly the party gets started around 10 PM. Open: Monday-Thursday and Sunday 9PM till 3AM; Friday and Saturday 8PM til 4AM Website or Facebook page


  • Friday 4th of August, 6PM – 12AM
  • Saturday 5th of August, 1PM – 12AM
  • Free Entrance
  • Zeedijk

In front of the oldest gay bar in Amsterdam, Cafe ’t Mandje, there will be two days of fun, music and dancing. A wide variety of entertainment will be put on stage in what is also known as Gay Old Town Amsterdam. Expect drag queens, DJ’s, Line-dancing, choir and swinging ladies. This street party promises to become the most old fashioned Pride fun, in the best sense of the words.

't Mandje

kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

\'t Mandje 52.374804, 4.900914 \'t Mandje The oldest still surviving gay bar in Amsterdam. It started in 1927 by the legendary Bet van Beeren: a fearless lesbian woman. It is still going strong as a great meeting point for men and women, young and old, locals and visitors of the city. On average the clients are slightly older. Thanks to its historical interior and the many Amsterdammers visiting the pub, it has a real local feel. Everybody feels quickly at home in this bar and since it is so tiny, it will soon feel populated and festive. The music is a bit loud sometimes. You can expect (inter)national hits from the 1950’s till the 1990’s. This place is an easy place to meet-up when you go out with friends, or the last stop before each goes their way home. What is special about ‘t Mandje is its regular program. On Sunday afternoons you can go to a Sunday Singalong with Suzanna. From 4PM onwards, Suzanna will accompany the crowd with her digital accordion to a sing-a-long of popular tunes. On Tuesdays from 8PM onwards, Pete will treat you to the best Jazz tunes. And once every so months, Nicola Snaas and her musicians is giving a live jazz concert. Look at the Facebook page for the latest events news. Open: Tuesday till Thursday  4PM - 1AM Friday 4PM - 3AM Saturday 3PM - 3AM Sunday 3PM - 1AM Website or Facebook page


  • Saturday 5th of August, 4PM – 12AM
  • Free Entrance
  • Homomonument, Westermarkt

Every Pride one of the best street parties is organized at the Homomonument. The monument is not just a memorial, but also a great place to party with many other LTGBQI+ people!  The location may be one of the reasons why it is so popular. It is just of the Prinsengracht, where the famous Canal Parade passes by that day. So you can enjoy the spectacular boats during the afternoon and jump into the party right after that.

The music is as always great. Think disco, (vocal) house, pop,(old school) hits, urban and afrobeats. Line-up:


kaart is aan het laden - een ogenblik geduld aub...

Homomonument 52.374342, 4.884624 Homomonument Monument in commemoration of persecution of homosexuals. The monument consists of 3 large pink marble triangles, together forming a larger triangle. The pink triangle was used in the Nazi concentration camps to mark homosexuals (similar to the yellow star for Jews). On the monument you can read a text \'Naar vriendschap zulk een mateloos verlangen\' (To friendship such an endless desire). This is a famous quote of the gay (and Jewish) poet Jacob Israël de Haan. The monument (created in 1987) attracts many gay visitors from all over the world. One of the triangles sticks out into the Keizersgracht canal. Often you will find flowers laid here by visitors. Website: Homomonument, one of the 3 pink marble triangles

HeBiHo VrijMiBo Disco

  • Friday August 4th, 5PM – 11PM
  • Amstelveld

VrijMiBo is Dutch short hand for Friday Afternoon or After work drink. And HeBiHo is Dutch short hand for Straight, Bisexual and Homo. So this is the big Friday afternoon drink with colleagues, neighbours, friends and people you just met. And as usual at a Friday afternoon drink, that means drink, socialize, flirt and dance.


MainStage Pride

  • Friday 4th of August – 7PM – 12AM
  • Saturday 5th of August – 4PM – 12AM
  • Sunday 6th of August – 2PM – 10PM
  • Free Entrance

Celebrate diversity on the most famous square of Amsterdam: Dam square! Just in front of the Royal Palace the big stage of the Amsterdam Pride will host a range of artists. DJ’s, Dutch and international singers will keep you entertained. On the Facebook page of the MainStage Pride there are regular updates of the booked artists.

But what about….?

If you visited earlier editions of the Amsterdam Pride, you may remember great parties at the Amstel river and Reguliersdwarstraat. So why are they not mentioned in this article? To put it simply: there are no street parties there this year. The reasons why are a little more complicated.

The reason there is no party at the Amstel river is simple. The traffic situation on the street before the well known bars like Queers and Amstel 54  has changed in the past year. It is now a one-way traffic street and has become more vital as a route for emergency services. That’s why it is not possible anymore to have a street party there.

The situation in the Reguliersdwarsstraat is a little more complicated. The businesses in the street don’t want to be part of the overall Amsterdam Pride organization any more. They claim that the financial burden and the security regulations associated with being a Pride member is too much for them to bear. This was also their policy last year, when they organized unofficial street parties with beer taps out on the street. This year the city council is clamping down on them, because they do not want any free riders during the Amsterdam Pride.


The situation at the Reguliersdwarsstraat has been resolved. The businesses in that street have agreed te be part of the official Amsterdam Pride organization. In that way they automatically get a permit and security service for a street party. So on the 4th and 5th of August there will be a street party. It will be small scale, due to the short time left over to organize it. But with the right crowd, it will be fun as usual.