Amsterdam Bear Weekend 2019 – highlights

Amsterdam Bear Weekend is approaching fast. From March 21st till March 25th Amsterdam will be full of parties, get togethers and other activities for bear gay men and those who love them. We made a selection of those events we like best.

The Official ABW Bear Cave

No bear weekend is complete without a real Bear Cafe. The Web is this year the central location for all the bears wondering around the city. It’s a central meeting point when lost or looking to be found. You can also get the latest information about what’s going on during Amsterdam Bear weekend. And you can buy tickets here with a 5% discount up for the main party (see below) until two hours the event starts. And of course there is free wifi.

Bear Ball and Mr Bear Netherlands

Bear Ball is the main event of the Amsterdam Bear Weekend. It is a collaboration of Furball Amsterdam & Bear-Necessity. On March 23rd the ball kicks of with the final stages of the Mr Bear Netherlands competition from 9PM. After you’ve witnessed the crowning of Mr Bear Netherlands 2019 a massive party will kick off at 11PM. Your ticket to the party will give you acces to both the election and the party.

Bear Ball Line

And more surprises to come! This is going to be a hot and steamy night out so make sure to get your tickets early!

Are you the new Mr Lumberjack?

Are you competitive, but not (yet) ready to be Mr Bear Netherlands? If you can hit a nail with a hammer and can do it really well, it is your chance to be a celebrity bear. Every day in The Web from 1PM onwards you can enter the Mr Lumberjack 2019 Nailing competition.

Who manages to hammer the nail in the furthest into a wooden beam, using just four strikes? It is a game of force, precision, concentration, skill and luck. Every day nice prizes and the “winner of the day” qualifies for the big final on Sunday the 24th of March at 8PM.

And much, much more

During the Amsterdam Bear Weekend many, many more bigger and smaller events are organized. Every day bears are the centre of attention in Bar Prik, Club Church, the Spijkerbar, the Cuckoosnest and Sauna NZ. For a full list of events take a look at the Amsterdam Bear Weekend Facebook page.

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