Aidsmonument Amsterdam: vote for your favorite design [Updated]

Design by Jean-Michel Othoniel

Last year (Stichting Namenproject Nederland) announced their plans to build an Aidsmonument in Amsterdam. They started of by involving the public in choosing a location. An artistic advisory committee made a shortlist of artists for the Aidsmonument. Of that list asked three artists to submit their sketches for an Aidsmonument. This month you can vote which of these three designs is your favorite.

[Update 5th october 2015] The votes have been cast and the winning design for the Aids Memorial Monument is…. Living by Numbers by Jean-Michel Othoniel (see picture above). Donations can still be made to make this monument possible. If all goes according to plan, the monument will be unveiled on 1st December 2015.

Design by Jeroen Doorenweerd

Design brief

The aim of is to have a modern monument, or in their own words „a monument of this age, modern but not aloof. It should be a monument that portrays the impact of AIDS; not looking like a grave but rather showing a spirit of optimism. A monument that touches all the senses and may be interactive. A monument where people can leave a thought behind, a place that invites contemplation.”

Three designs in short

The design by Anya Gallaccio

The three designs are made by artists from France, the UK and The Netherlands. Jeroen Doorenweerd (NL) was inspired by the shape of the HIV cell. Anya Gallaccio (UK) based her design on the Aids ribbon as a symbol of hope and solidarity. Jean-Michel Othoniel (FR) called his design „Living by Numbers”. It is an abacus, where the beads stand for „all these years, all we have done is count: our days since the arrival of AIDS; our dead friends; the days on which we have beaten illness; our hopes; our therapies; the number of ill people we know; our hours of happiness.”

Cast your vote and show your support

This is just a short impression of these interesting designs. Go to the website of Aidsmonument Amsterdam and explore them in depth. But most of all: cast your vote via Facebook or e-mail and make a donation to realise this project.


Future location of AIDS monument Amsterdam

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Future location of AIDS monument Amsterdam 52.378376, 4.906372 Future location of AIDS monument Amsterdam. Click for more information.

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