Aids monument Amsterdam – last push for funds

1411294671_full.jpegAids monument Amsterdam is about one month away from completion. The organization behind the monument, Aids Memorial Quilt organization Namenproject Nederland, now has launched a last push for the funding of the monument. On the crowdfunding website for the arts they’ve started their campaign to get the last €10.000,- needed for this project. This money is an addition to the funding they’ve already gotten form many organizations and individuals in Amsterdam and the rest of the Netherlands.

Aids Monument Amsterdam

The Aids Monument is designed to give strength to people living with Aids and for those fighting to get rid of Aids. Of course it is also a platte to commemorate those who died of Aids.  The monument will be located on the border of the IJ river near Central Station and will be revealed on World Aids Day, the 1st of december.

Make your donation

Like with all crowd funding actions you can donate whatever money you have available and will get a reward depending on the size of your donation. Donations start at €25 when you will get an invitation to the opening and go up to €1000 when you’re name will be put on the monument. Various other sizes of donations and corresponding ‘rewards’ are available. Look at the Voordekunst website page for more information in Dutch. You can also follow the latest news on the Aids monument Facebook page.


The Aids monument is designed by Jean-Michel Othoniel. He called his design
„Living by Numbers”. It is an abacus, where the beads stand for „all these years, all we have done is count: our days since the arrival of AIDS; our dead friends; the days on which we have beaten illness; our hopes; our therapies; the number of ill people we know; our hours of happiness.”Details design Aids monument Amsterdam


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