Theft, muggary & arrest

Theft, muggary, pick pocketing

Watch your wallet as pick pockets are especially interested in tourists and other innocent looking visitors. Kick them with your high heels, beat them with your hand bag and if this was all to no avail, dial 112 (emergency services) or go to one of the adresses listed below:

  • Police (Politie), Lijnbaansgracht 219, 0900-8844
  • Victim-aid (Slachtofferhulp), 3e Weteringdwarsstraat 18, 1017 TC Amsterdam, 0900-0101

When you’re arrested

We know you would never get into trouble, but accidents do happen. If for whatever reason you are arrested, you are entitled to get (free) judicial assistence. Demand it before you answer any questions. The following organisation might be of help:

Legal assistance (het Juridisch Loket), Vijzelgracht 21-25
1017 HN Amsterdam
  T 0900 8020 (€ 0,10 p/m)

Gay network police force Amsterdam

The Amsterdam police force has a network that promotes the interests of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders. It’s called ‘Roze in Blauw’ (Pink in Blue). The network’s members can help you to report discrimination, insults, assault or theft (related to your nature)

They can listen to your story, help you when you decide to report something to the police, or tell you were to go to get help in other ways.
If you want to talk with a member of  Pink in Blue call: 088-169 1234 or e-mail to:
their website in (also in English):
Facebook page (Dutch) of Roze in Blauw

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