Leather/Rubber/Fetish Shops

Leather/Rubber/Fetish shops

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Bronx: 52.365341, 4.885815
Gays & Gadgets/Underground: 52.376359, 4.892641
Mr B: 52.374754, 4.897338
RoB: 52.374980, 4.897804
Black Body: 52.363358, 4.889303
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Black Body

Gay rubber/leather/latex clothes store. Here you can find all kinds of erotic clothes and accessories.

Address: Kerkstraat 173
Open: Mo-Sa 11:00-19:00, Su closed
Website: http://www.blackbody.nl
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Bronx is a household name in Amsterdam in gay porn, since 1976. Used to be a sexshop annex cinema with a friendly atmosphere and a knowledgeable staff. Nowadays, the Bronx sells fetish clothes and various kinds of sex toys. There's a small straight section, but the general atmosphere is of a gay store.

Address: Kerkstraat 53-55
Open: Mo-Su 10:00-22:00
Website: http://www.bronx1976.com
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Gays & Gadgets/Underground

Gays & Gadgets is two stores into one. On the ground floor is Gays & Gadgets with information about LGBTQ Amsterdam, fun gifts and gadgets and some sexy gear. Underground is a fetish store in the basement of Gays & Gadgets. See our more extensive review in this article.

Address: Spuistraat 44
Open: Mo-Sa 11:00-19:00, Su 12:00-19:00

Website: http://www.gaysandgadgets.com
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Mr B

Well-known leather/rubber/fetish store.

Address: Warmoesstraat 89
Open: Mo-We,Fr 10:30-19:00, Th 10:30-21:00, Sa 11:00-18:00, Su 13:00-18:00

Website: http://www.mrb.nl
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Leather/rubber/fetish store

Address: Warmoesstraat 71
Open: Mo-Sa: 11:00-19:00, Su: 13.00-18.00
Website: http://www.rob.nl