Parties for men and/or women

The party scene in Amsterdam is vibrant, varied and ever evolving. On this page we try to keep track of the regular party organizers and the type of parties they throw. Many of these party organizers put together a party every several months.

Some parties are always at the same location, almost going back to the days of fixed-location clubs. Those addresses we mention in this list with details and a map . Where these details are not given, the parties are organized on often different locations. Check the website of this party organizer or our calendar for the further details.


Bear Necessity

BN From the website: “Bear-Necessity is described by visitors as an attitude-free party where real men meet, socialise and most of all… dance! The BN-sound is progressive and sophisticated with an emphasis on quality tracks and not the obvious floor-fillers.” In other words hot dance nights for big, hairy men and those who love them. The parties in Amsterdam are mostly organized in Club Panama near the Central Station. Started in 2008 in Amsterdam, the Bear Necessity parties are now organized all over Europe.

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Cirkus Klauterwerck

Sometimes it is a group of creative people who perform at festivals and organise their own parties. Cirkus Klauterwerck is just that or as they describe themselves: “Cirkus Klauterwerck is not an ordinary circus! It’s a “circus” for queers and friends and home of good music!” They have links with the just out-of-town artist colony of Ruigoord and they perform also at the Milkshake Festival and organise their own party Queerklub. That last party is organized in the party hot-spot Radion.

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“Danserette is a high-spirited gay dance party in Amsterdam with classic hits and up-to-the-minute tunes: from ABBA and Madonna, to Kylie, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna. Old and new disco hits, danceable kitsch and pop. Dance, sparkle, shine and flirt as never before. Fall of stay in love. Feel totally Danserette!”

Danserette is held about every 2 months, at different locations. Check the website for details.

F*ng POP Queers (regular, mini and XXL), M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I. and XXX

Ultrasexi posterUtrasexi is a well-known organizer in the gay and queer party scene. They are a cooperative behind parties like M.U.L.T.I.S.E.X.I., Ultraviolet And F*Cking Pop Queers. F*cking Pop Queers started on Wednesday in studio80 in 2006-2007. From 2009 till 2013 it was every second Saturday of the month at Jimmy Woo. The party is a parody on the clichés of the nightlife and theme parties. Apart from the regular and mini F*king Pop Queers parties, there is F*cking Pop Queers XL: twice a year an over-the-top edition of fun and craziness.

XXX is the newest addition to the line-up of Ultrasexi. In an old stripclub near the Royal Palace they started a new Wednesday party. Inspired by the somewhat mysterious and seedy place, they organize a new, wild and shameless queer dance nite. What you can expect: Homo eclectic sounds and beats, adult entertainment, extravagant performances, bubbles for everyone, scandalous behaviour and reckless abandon. The XXX team warn you that a “wildly hysterical Wednesday evening” will lead to a “deeply regrettable Thursday morning”. In January 2018 they announced that the venue owner has different plans with the location. So after a few grand finale parties they will have to look for a new location.


Flirtation is the largest European women-only dance event, which this year will celebrate her 14th anniversary. Dance & Flirt, whatever you choose to do is up to you. In Amsterdam it is often hosted in Club Panama, but sometimes they venture to other locations in or outside the city.

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Funhouse and Rapido

These two parties hardly need any introduction. Expect big house parties with lots of semi-naked, muscled men. They are part of the big league of the most popular men-only dance parties. Highly erotic atmosphere, lots of muscle men. Cruising area available.

Often these parties are organized in the popular Westergasfabriek area, just outside the old city centre. The party is organized in the Westerunie club, and sometimes expands to using the Westerliefde hall as well. Also club Paradiso near the Leidseplein is location were these parties are held.

Usually sold out, so be in time to get your tickets. Watch the website of Club Rapido to check when these parties are.

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Garbo for women

Idealistic, non-commercial initiative, with the purpose to enable women to meet each other. It started out as a monthly party at a fixed location in the city. But Garbo for Women has evolved in ten years into a women only party organization with a national reach. Recently the Garbo parties in Amsterdam have been organized in Club Lite in. This club however has to move, so it is not yet clear if Garbo are going to join Club Lite at their new location. Check out the Facebook page of Garbo for Women for the latest news.


Girlesque “It’s Gay, it’s modern burlesque and it’s for gals as well as for gays!”

Founded in 2007, Girlesque quickly became one of the best gay girls parties in Amsterdam and abroad. Expect lots of shows and entertainment – all with a nostalgic feel and a modern twist. What you’ll get at Girlesque is glamorous burlesque stage action weaved with savage girl DJ’s, twisted tunes and dirty house music.

The event organizers behind girlesque organize more than their name sake parties, so check the website for events and locations.

…Is Burning

…Is Burning is the gay night hosted by Sandrien & Carlos Valdes. Originally started at TrouwAmsterdam and hosted at several other locations and festivals

Inspired by the old skool LGBT club culture, with a passion for underground house music, from Disco and Chicago House to Techno. We cherish the past and we’re embracing the new.

…Is Burning is a desire to be absolutely free, to shine and to be who you want to be.

Rosario and Kalinichta!

Organized in the middle of Amsterdams most famous city park the Rosario Party takes place in the quirky 1930’s teahouse. Always trying to give the party a tropical theme, it attracts a twenty something crowd. Slightly nerdy (think beards and glasses) and more men than women.

Kalinichta! From the same party organizers brings steaming hot straight-friendly party, centre on the best uptempo beats from Slovenia to Lebanon.  Sliding from Balkan beats over to Greek uplifting tunes, and all the way to the belly dancing sounds of Lebanon. Expect lots of beefy, hairy, Mediterranean men.

In Amsterdam the Kalinichta! parties are mostly organized in Noorderlicht in the popular Amsterdam Noord harbor area.

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Rumour Has It

While the other events mentioned here have grown up into full fledge party organizers, three year old “Rumour Has It” has still the ‘friends together throwing a party’ feel. They maybe young, but they’ve won already the Golden Gnome (Amsterdam Dance Scene Award). Women make up the biggest share of the organization. Also the parties attract a mostly female crowd. Their concept is simple: every time they throw a party, they invite a special artist to join the fun.


Spellbound is a quarterly, queer, underground dance party at the OCCII just south of the Vondelpark. This party organizer has links with the international queer scene. It regularly features DJ’s and performance artists from Berlin and other creative hot spots.

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Vieze Poezendek

Linked with the scene of the now famous Milkshakefestival, Vieze Poezendek is an open-minded R&B and HipHop night that is regularly organized in Club Air in Amsterdam. Open-minded is in the Amsterdam club scene an indicator for gay friendly, but not exclusively gay. Expect therefore a mixed crowd having a great party on some phat beats.


Large fetish/extravaganza party, with strict dress code, and not men-only: “leather, uniforms, doctors and nurses, plastic, rubber, metal, cross-dress, burlesque, fetish, glamour, schoolboys and girls, baroque, body art, fetish goth and naked”.

Well, you get the drift… you won’t get in jeans and t-shirt.

It started out in the nineties in Amsterdam and is now an international party organization. It was never a purely gay party, but had always strong connections with the gay and lesbian fetish scene. Parties organized in Amsterdam are held often in the old harbor district in the northern part of Amsterdam. On the website you find more information about dates, tickets and most importantly (dress) policy.

YARRR, G.I.R.L.D.R.O.P. and Klitty

YARR is a party organisation that started with the YARRR underground party. They still organize these every several months. YARRR is an underground party for “young lesbonic dames, gay dukes & open-minded people”. Our resident dj’s are Lady Babaju, Sascha Fierce, Springstof and the guest Dj Kleine Kim.”

G.I.R.L.D.R.O.P. is every 1st Saturday of the month. It is an edgy hangout for the cool lesbians & queers. It is located in a former stock exchange building and during the day it is a cool bar/restaurant and barbershop. Hence the name of the location: Cut Throat. The style of music is “Phat & dirty hits”. They want to create an open-minded atmosphere, so the organizers invite you to bring “your rad friends for a cool kickin’ Saturday bar hangout”.

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