Lesbian bar Vivelavie closing down

Vivelavie is closing down after 37 years! Earlier this month the owner Mieke Martelhoff announced that she is closing down her bar. That means that one of the icons of the lesbian scene in Amsterdam is disappearing. At the end of June, on Saturday the 24th, there will be a farewell drink and big closing down party with a Coyote Ugly theme.

Emotional announcement

Mieke told in an interview in the national newspaper De Telegraaf, that the announcement of the closing down was an emotional one. “People stood at the bar crying. Where can they go to now?”.

Some of the staff tried to take over Vivelavie, but that was unfortunately not possible. Now Mieke is helping one of  the girls to find a new site in Amsterdam to start a new lesbian bar. Until then cafe Saarein is the only bare specifically geared towards dykes.

Why is Vivelavie closing down?

De Telegraaf asked the logical question to Mieke “Why do you stop now?”. She answered that she now had reached the age of 7o and that it was time to spend more time with her girl friend. She is proud of what she has achieved with Vivelavie. This bar became one of the icons of the lesbian scene, not only in Amsterdam but worldwide.

Vivelavie is a small, but very open and accessible pub in the centre of Amsterdam’s nightlife area around the Rembrandt square. Being so open as a lesbian bar was really revolutionary at that time. Mieke was in that way one of the pioneers who started the bloom of the LGBTQI scene in Amsterdam with the Gay Pride and Gay Games at the end of the 1990’s as the highlights.

Say goodbye, have a last night of Vivelavie fun

On Saturday the 24th there is first a farewell drink from 4PM seamlessly turning into a big Coyote Ugly themed party from around 7PM until the small hours of the night.

Vivelavie closing down party poster
Vivelavie closing down party poster