‘Jack’ a new LGBTQI friendly club opening this fall

By the end of the year a new LGBTQI friendly nightclub called Jack, will open up in Amsterdam. It will be located in the south eastern part of Amsterdam, also popularly known as Bijlmer. This maybe slightly of the beaten track, but these kind of locations become more and more popular for nightclubs, because locations are relatively cheap and regulations about noise levels en opening times are also less strict. And not unimportantly, the buildings are often industrial and easily converted to the requirements of the club.

Jack’s location

Jack will be tucked away between offices on the Hogehilweg 20. Maybe not the first site you can think of for a nightclub, but it has its’ advantages. It is easy reachable by car and public transport. Even on the bike it is not to far from popular neighborhoods like Oost en Zuid.

Plus this part of Amsterdam is quickly developing into a popular area for a night out: there are several concert halls, the sport stadium Johan Cruijff Arena and a huge cinema. This is starting to attract more and more restaurants and even hotels are springing up here.

For people in the Bijlmer area itself it is of course welcome news. Next to this business park is a neighborhood with housing from the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s. It has a big Caribbean and African community and the last few years also a growing number of students are living here. So a lot of party people live just around the corner.

Club Jack artist impression
Club Jack artist impression © Jack

The people behind Jack chose a not so spectacular office building, but are promising to turn it into something groovy and fun. On the 3rd and 4th floor they are going to make a nightclub for about 700 people. And as a cherry on the cake, there will be a rooftop terrace. Great for parties on a summer night.

Jack LGBTQI friendly

The people behind Jack say explicitly that the club will be LGBTQI friendly, but not a gay club. As they said in a local newspaper “…We like to welcome all open-minded and curious people to our club.” Mmmmmmm. Oh well, we’ll take it as long as it is a good nightclub with open-minded people visiting it and working behind the bar. It is great that a new fixed location club is starting that also explicitly welcomes LGBTQI people. They showed their intent by being part of this years Canal Parade.

Musically they will focus on house and techno: with on Friday night the more accessible music and on Saturday more hardcore. The owners are also working on getting international DJ’s over, to create a cosmopolitan atmosphere and a space for inventive, new DJ’s. They will showcase their club nights with a few parties in the old Bijlmer prison during the Amsterdam Dance Event.

Jack Opening times

As said the main nights will be Friday and Saturday. Although we wouldn’t be surprised if they also are going to open on other nights. They are now in talks with the city to get an opening permit till 8AM, but their aim is to get a open-all-day permit.