Gaylinc Pubcrawl: Queers and Soho

Gaylinc Pubcrawl is one of our regular ‘investigative actions’ in the Amsterdam LGBT scene. This time we went to Soho in the Reguliersdwarsstraat and Queers on the Amstel. We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of Soho and the vibrancy of Queers.


We started of the evening at Soho bar. It was still early in the evening on the warm afternoon evening and there was a big crowd in front to the bar enjoying a drink. Together with it’s gaybour across the street (Taboo bar), Soho’s outside bar area can create a spontaneous carnavalesque atmosphere on warm evenings.

Inside the bar has still it’s grand English gentlemens pub interior, with bars across two floors linked by a big staircase. On the ground floor a dancing area has been created and on the first floor a smoking room gives shelter for the die heart nicotine addicts on cold evenings. Over the years the interior has become well worn in a pleasant way: the floors tell stories of parties, the bar of successful pick ups and the chairs of intimate conversations. We liked what we saw.

The staff run the bar well from their big central serving area. They are friendly and attentive. They get the party started and keep it going, while keeping an eye on everybody’s well being in this big bar. They also have regular parties, like Gay Soul Sundays and Crazy Wednesdays.

The crowd is very mixed and mixes well with the neigbouring places like Taboo bar, Exit bar and Nyx nightclub. Expect a young and older, professionals and students, locals and tourists. Maybe not the most extravagant or creative crowd, but Soho is well worth a visit on a night out.


Queers is a relative new addition to the gay scene around the Amstel river. After several bars failed on this locations, the present owners took over and … created a succes. We arrived on a Friday night aka Queers Fancy Friday. This meant that the bar was full of people enjoying the entertainment and each other. The entertainment was an old fashioned drag queen performance night on the stage in the back of the bar. Several drag queens competed with each other, by giving the performance of their life. The crowd rewarded that with loud cheers and by giving fake money to their favorite stars.

This all took place in the glitzy, cosy and still relatively roomy, long space that is Queers. Expect chandeliers and gilded portraits of gay icons like Conchita Wurst and Madonna on the wall. The location of the bar is also great: on the boarder of the Amstel river, next to a renowned comedy theater. Since recently, thanks to new traffic measures, the traffic in front of the bar is slower. So we expect it to become very popular outdoor cafe in the summertime.

The staff is excellent and you can tell that the new owners are real professional nightlife hosts. Together with the regular visiting (drag queen) artists they have made Queers a new popular stomping ground for the local gay scene. So check out their Facebook page for the events.

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