News from Home!

So you’re having a nice time in Amsterdam, but what’s happening at home? Did a cyclone hit your home town, who won the elections and did your favourite team win the national title? Okay admit it, you’re a little bit homesick. Luckily a medicine is around the corner: in the newspaper shop, a cyber cafe or in the telephone boot. But where are they?


In the centre most newspaper shops have a selection of American, British and German newspapers. The best shops, where they also sell French, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Arabic newspapers, are:

  • Athenaeum, Newscentrum, Spui 14 – 16
  • Scheltema, Rokin 9
  • The American Bookstore, Spui 12
  • In cafe De Jaren, Nieuwe Doelenstraat 20, they’ve got a good selection of papers and magazines at their reading table.


On the telly in your hotel room you will find the following channels: CNN, BBC 1 and 2, ARD, ZDF, TV5, VRT, Canvas, TRT and MBC. And of course lots of channels with movies, cartoons etc. But hey, this is the news sections.


Cyberspace has also extended to Amsterdam, so you’ll have no problem to check your e-mail. Wifi will/should be a free service in many cafe’s, hotels and restaurants. Even some trains and bussen have free internet.


When you want to call your mother to wish her happy birthday: dial double zero, your country code, the area code without the zero at the beginning and then her telephone number. Nowadays it’s difficult to find a telephone booth. The few exceptions are at the Central Station, where a rival company (Telfort) has booths which accepts coins.

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