Kingsday 2018 – parties all around

Kingsday on the 27th of April is one of the few real national holidays in The Netherlands. Of course we do celebrate Christmas and Easter, but only on the 27th of April the people get out on the street and party. For those who have visited Amsterdam before, they might remember Queens Day. Well, this is the same but now celebrating the birthday of our King. Expect Amsterdam to be one big, open air party on that day. Also the LGBTQI+ community joins the party. Here is our selection of the best LGBTQI+ Kingsday parties of 2018. And with Kingsday being on a Friday this year, it promises to be a weekend long of partying.

Homomonument party, not to be missed

Amsterdam’s world-famous Homomonument is not just a memorial. As a centre for the LGBTQI+ community it is also a place to come together and party. You can not celebrate Kingsday without going to Homomonument party. It is a free open air party not only on Kingsday, but also the night before. And since they can not get enough of a good party, they also throw a party on Liberation Day (5th of May).

It is a free open air party, so support the organizers by buying a drink or bite at one of their stalls. With your support they can continue this tradition in the upcoming years.

  • King’s Night Festival (presented by YARRR) – 26th of April 7PM – 1AM

YARRR is known for its roaring girl scene parties in Amsterdam and their eclectic style in dance music and a unique collective of all girl deejay line up. These girls know how to keep the Amsterdam club scene alive & rollin’! It all began 6 years ago and with their popularity growing over the years, they are attracting more gorgeous faces from upcoming local deejays to a creative mindful bunch of party goers.

  • Kingsday Festival – 27th April  11AM – 8PM

Line-up to be announced

  • Liberation Day – 5th May  3PM – 11PM

G-team & Superball

Prik’s Poptastic, Nudisco and Dance party

  • King’s Night 26th April 4PM – 5AM
  • King’s Day 27th April 4PM – 3AM

Prik bar is one of the most popular gay bars in town. So expect a big party on King’s Night and King’s Day. They’ll be serving orange prosecco and orange cocktails in honor of the King (the Royal House has the name Orange).

Prik will be open on King’s Night till early morning with DJ’s Devotion and Stephan Philippe on the decks. Poptastic! On King’s day DJ’s Kick Trom and Stephan Philippe will get you heated up with hot Disco and Dance tunes till 3am.

Prik poster Kings Day 2018
Prik poster King’s Day 2018

Hardcore party people of Funhouse & Rapido

The Club Rapido party organizers go all out this weekend with three big parties.

  • Funhouse XL at Transformatorhuis, WesterUnie, Westerliefde 28th of April 10PM – 9AM
    with among others : DJ Sharon-O-Love, Asaf Dolev, Hansom, Karl Kay, Martin Rivera and more T.B.A.
  • Rapido King’s Edition at Paradiso 28th of April 3PM – 2AM
    with among others : DJ Alex Acosta, Saeed Ali, Tom Stephan and many others T.B.A.
  • X-Ams After King-Edition at Transformatorhuis, WesterUnie, Westerliefde 29th of April 11PM – 10AM
    with DJ Pagano

Tickets are now available from €12,35 (early bird for after party) till €103,32 (all weekend ticket combo) and available here.

The rest of the city

On King’s Day itself you can enjoy parties all around the city. Bars put parties on the street, restaurants sell a choice selection of their menu in front of the restaurant or locals try to sell old clothes, furniture or records. The city transforms into a mix of food festival, carnival and open air market.

Other gay bars will also open up and have special events on. So you can wonder around the city and visit Reguliersdwarsstraat, Halvemaansteeg, Kerkstraat or Zeedijk and have a great time.

Oh yeah, try to wear something orange and you will fit in with the locals.

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