Two women attacked by men when they kissed each other

Ealier this week, two women were physically attacked by a group of men. It has all the hallmarks of a anti-lesbian attack. The two women were visiting Amsterdam, because of the IDFA festival, kissed each other on the street when the (young) men attacked them. One of the women, documentary maker Denise Kelm Soares, was showing her film “I Am” at the IDFA. The other one is Iso Luengo, who showed her movie “Interior City“. The police is still looking for the men.

Two women showing love, young men can’t handle it

The two women had gone out with a group of friends and had just left a club. They wandered through the city centre in the early hours of the morning, when they were attacked around 4 AM. “I can’t exactly remember what happened”, Soares told Dutch journalists on the phone, “What I do remember is that we kissed each other and that two or three young men screamed at us. I didn’t understand what they yelled. The next thing I know is that I’m lying on the street and that there was a lot of blood around me.” Soares was kicked against her head and Luengo was kicked in the stomach. Luengo try to chase the men two stop them.

Both women got a cab to the hospital, where doctors checked Soares for a concussion. Luckily the physical damage was limited. But both women were of course mentally shocked.”Then the young men run away while laughing”, according to Soares. That emotional part of the attack was almost the worst for the women.

Local reactions to the attack

The local LGBTQI community in Amsterdam reacted shocked and ashamed. Any attack on LGBTQI is of course unacceptable, but having LGBTQI guests in the city being attacked is extra shameful. To put insult onto injury, the attack happened in the Reguliersdwarsstraat the gay street in Amsterdam.

In a short reaction, the IDFA organization, expresses its shock and disapproval of this attack. “In its’ 30 year history, the IDFA festival has always promoted and celebrated diversity and inclusivity. We want to give a podium to all documentary makers from all over the world, regardless their race, political beliefs, sexual preference or religion” the press release read.

Silver Lining

As a silver lining for Soares, she won a prize for her film a few days after the attack.