To Kiss or Not to Kiss?


A bit of good news: a recent survey shows that in general the Dutch are more positive about Gay, Lesbian, Bisexuals and Transgenders. Figures can be compared to a similar survey in 2006. What’s changed: overall acceptance of Gays and Lesbians went up from 50% to nearly 75%. For transgenders the figures went up from 45% to 57%. Also interesting is that the percentage of people thinking negative about gays, lesbian and bisexuals went down from 15% to 6%. Even more interesting is that groups that very less tolerant became more tolerant.

Or Not to Kiss?

The downside is visibility: two man kissing or holding hands in public is still an issue for many. 35% of the Dutch people have a problem with two men kissing and 24% with two women kissing in public, compared to 10% having a problem with a woman and a man kissing in public.

Men kissing at John Snow Pub, London


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