The Truth About Homosexuality

The real truth about homosexualityA flyer was distributed in parts of Amsterdam revealing the surprising truth about homosexuality. According to this flyer, half of the homosexuals are depressed. Moreover 200% of us commit suicide! Not all at once, please. It goes without saying that this upset many with our city.

The real truth about homosexuality

It triggered others, gay and straight people, to let a different voice being heard. Within almost hours after the news of the hateful flyer broke in the local media, they devised the”Love is Love” flyer. With help of many individuals and organizations like Wetranfer, Cinemien, De Roze Jonger and Gay & Lesbian Summer Film Festival  tens of thousands flyers were printed and distributed all over Amsterdam. Look at the Facebook page (in Dutch) of this group to see how their action developed.

The strange truth behind the ominous flyer

Meanwhile the Amsterdam police was able to identify the authors of the flyer. They claimed they just wanted to trigger a discussion. A very weak and cowardly excuse.  We suspect these people were probably severely depressed.

The text and images on the flyers are also used on a Facebook pages where also quotes and videoclips of a conversative Turkish muslim preacher are shown. This preacher, Harun Yahya or Adnan Oktar, is a ultra conservative, creationist preacher who regularly condemns homosexuality and gay people. A few young people of Turkish descent in the Netherlands are attracted to his preachings. But most of the Turkish community in Amsterdam don’t take him serious and think of see him as a big joke.

This may be explained in this short documentary “Inside The Weird World of an Islamist ‘Feminist’ Cult”.

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