Taboo Bar is expanding with Taboo Kantine

Taboo Bar is a popular if somewhat small gay bar in the famous Reguliersdwarsstraat. The small bar hosts regular drag shows and other parties. The street in front of the bar is a popular hang out for gay men to have a drink and/or a cigarette and surely to look at other men. The owners of Taboo Bar have taken over the old rum bar next-door and are turning it into something new: Taboo Kantine.

What is Taboo Kantine going to be?

Taboo Kantine (kantine is Dutch for canteen) is going to be a pub with drinks, cocktails and finger food. Think of snacks, small bites and dishes and of course deserts. Taboo Kantine will get a totally new interior with a permanent podium with tables and chairs (think of it as a sort of VIP area). This space can of course also be used for performances of artists and DJ’s. Knowing the people of Taboo, those performances will be glamorous and fun.

The great thing for the guests is, that the street in front of both Taboo Bar and Taboo Kantine will become one big shared terras. And with the big terras of Soho bar across the narrow Reguliersdwarstraat that means all the more fun for everybody! And with the newly opened Burlesque restaurant, club Nyx and Exit cafe (almost) next door, this part of the Reguliersdwarsstraat offers everything for the gay man to wine, dine, dance and party.

When is it going to open?

Taboo Kantine is expected to open at the end of February. You can follow the progress of the rebuilding at their Facebook page. There you can also read when the opening is going to take place.

Taboo Kantine during refurbishing
Taboo Kantine during refurbishing


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