Streetheart festival – one day LGBTQI street party

Streetheart festival is a new one day LGBTQI street party organized by Club Church and Stichting Gala on Saturday 9th of September. From 1 till 10 PM the party will happen right in front of Club Church in the Kerkstraat. Entrance of this street party is free. When you want to party longer, you can go inside Club Church from 10PM till 5AM next morning. Entrance for this party is € 12,50.

Streetheart Festival what is it?

Driving force behind the street party is well-known drag queen Jennifer Hopelezz, also behind Club Church. The aim is to have an “old-fashioned street party”: with beer and music, but above all very gay. Apart from the good music and good crowd, there are a fashion show and contests for the Mister, Miss and Genderfluid Streetheart.

Jennifer Hoplezz wants to show that the LGBTQI community only exists during the Amsterdam Pride and its’ famous Canal Parade. “Apart from the Pride, the LGBTQI community is not very visible. All year-long we party indoors. So let the Streetheart festival be a way to make the community more visible.”

Club Church organizes the Streetheart Festival in cooperation with the Gala Foundation (Stichting Gala). Gala Foundation is the foundation of LGBTQI volunteers behind among others Pinkt Point of Presence, the Roze Wester Festival and the DragOlympics. Its’ name and theme is inspired by the arts project of the American photographer Shirley Agudo. For 10 years she took pictures of over 10.000 drag queens and other ‘birds of paradise’ in Amsterdam. In that way she created a unique document of the LGBTQI community in Amsterdam.

A special location

The location of the party is partly purely practical. It is after all right in front of Club Church and that makes organizing this street party a lot easier. It is also a nice tribute to the Kerkstraat, which has for many decades on of the important streets in the gay community. Over the years many gay bars, shops, hotels and the occasional sauna have come and gone in this street. And with the Spijker, Club Church and The Bronx it is still a fairly gay street.

On the other hand the street is also close to the Leidseplein area. This part of the city is the centre of a lot of very straight bars and often attracts a homophobic crowd. For Hoplezz this is an extra reason to organize the party here. “It is important to confront those people with a gay and inclusive LGBTQI-event.”